Contemporary Garden Offices and Their Uses

Our garden structures are stylish and contemporary, creating an enviable feature in your garden. But our garden rooms don’t just have to be confined solely for office use! Fully insulated for all year-round, the possibilities are endless! We have collated five gorgeous contemporary garden offices and their interiors to tingle your taste buds of inspiration.

1) Art Workshop 

An 8m x 3m garden office. Used as an art workshop. Using a garden room as your creative retreat allows you to keep all of your supplies in one place. The dining room table will never need to be used again! Being able to walk down the garden to your studio means peace and serenity as you focus on your artwork, leaving everything in place for next time! This garden room is built with 3.8m French doors, a corner window and a square window; allowing a lovely flow of natural light and ventilation to fill the room.

large garden office with pond


2. Photography Studio

A 6m x 4.5m Photography studio. Set with 3.8m sliding doors, corner window, lozenge window and a separate single fully glazed door for a prop room and entrance. This garden office interior is fully plastered and has grey flooring. The 3.8m doors fill the room with soft lighting, perfect for infant photography. A garden office for a photography studio allows a professional environment to be reserved, as well as being able to keep all of the studio kit and props safe inside the building; plus save your pennies on renting an external studio!

A 6m x 5m Garden Office used as a Photography studio.

A 6m x 4.5m Garden Room starting from £23,995 including base, installation and VAT.  

3. Commercial Space/Shop

  7m x 4m Koala Kreations shop in Chipping Sodbury, Harbourside Market. Our garden offices make quirky unique and contemporary shops. This building is set with 2.8m sliding doors, a corner and lozenge window as well as two up/down exterior lights for the darker evenings and late-night shopping! Our garden offices are a fantastic purchase for your business. Whether you work from home or on the high street it’s a great professional investment.

One of our Garden Offices used as a shop, Koala Kreations.

Interior of Koala Kreations in Hatherells Yard Market.

4. Art Studio & Chill Out Room Combo

A 5.5m x 3.5m Art Studio and chill out room combo. Your garden room doesn’t have to be dedicated to one single purpose. Mix it up! Use the room for multiple purposes! This garden office is for painting and sketching and when it’s not being used for creating art, it’s the perfect place to relax with a cup of tea and book in hand.

A wonderful 5.5m x 3.5m Garden Office. Starting from £19,245 including base, installation and VAT.

A lovely artsy 5.5m x 3.5m interior of a customer garden office.

5. Garden Office

Last but not least, our garden offices are perfect for, well…a garden office! Here’s a 5m x 3m workplace with a partitioned section for a toilet and sink. We liaise with your chosen plumber to ensure your bathroom/toilet design is correct and to a high standard.  Our garden rooms are a great contemporary alternative for extra needed space and forming the perfect 30 second commute down the garden.

A fantastic 5m x 3m Garden Office paired with a set of 2.8m sliding doors and corner window.  Starting from £16,745 including base, installation and VAT.

Interior of a Garden Office with a partitioning wall for a small WC.

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What would you use your garden room for?