Ditch the Commute – Choose a Garden Office

Are you tired of constantly getting up early for work? Looking out the window – it’s dark, cold and miserable. Paying out a lot of money on your commute whether it be petrol or public transport costs? Maybe it’s time to ditch the commute?

If you have a journey of 45 minutes each way, you will spend two years of your life commuting to work.

Furthermore, those living outside of the London area have a round trip of 2 hours; equating to 20 days per year spent traveling. Alongside an average cost of £300 a month in travel costs. This racks up to a hefty £3,600 a year!

There’s growing evidence that if your commute distresses you, your health gets effected negatively both physically and psychologically. Additionally, your time commuting means less time spent doing the things you enjoy, such as spending time with family.

What’s the alternative?

A Garden Office.


 A garden office means a 2-minute commute to your garden, with a cup of tea in hand, away from the distractions of home life but not completely isolated.


With internal electrics as standard, it allows you to have a fully kited out office just as if you were in your office at work…except it’s the perfect space of your own in the comfort and convenience of your garden! You don’t have to own a large garden as our smallest garden rooms can be built at 2.5m x 2.5m.

Our garden rooms are fully insulated, which means your garden office is functional for all year round whatever the weather. Our garden offices start from £9,995 including base, installation and VAT.

Design your own garden room!

Start designing your own garden room by hoping onto our configurator!

Alternatively, visit our all weather indoor showroom in Westcott, Buckinghamshire. The showroom exhibits 12 fully furnished garden rooms, 3 of which we use as offices for our staff.

With your visit you get a £200 showroom discount.