A Hobby Room by The Garden Office 

Ever dreamt of your perfect hobby room? Somewhere away from the house, without any distractions? Image a place where you can leave your things as they are. No need to clear up by shoving everything back in a cupboard. A space where you can fully immerse yourself into your craft. With many different options for creating more space, it can be difficult to find something that can be built stress free, quickly, reliably and purse friendly. 

Have you considered a garden room?

Whether you have a small or large garden, The Garden Office offer a range of sizes from 2.5m to 10m, with 30sqm being the largest. The garden office’s aren’t just great as offices, they also provide a fantastic space for a hobby room (among hundreds of other things)!

Why The Garden Office?

Because build time takes 1-5 days, fitted with insulation and planning permission rarely required, to name a few!


We visited a customer who has an 8m x 3m garden room. The customer use their garden room as a glass making and chalk pastel sketching workshop. It’s a generous size for everything a hobby room needs and more! The garden studio is set in a stunning garden with a large pond of koi carp fish, creating the perfect location to unwind, relax and inspire. 


large garden office large garden office with pond interior of hobby room hobby room