Outdoor Cinema Room with The Garden Office

As winter approaches, all we want to do is stay inside, curl up on the sofa and watch some obligatory Christmas films. Fully insulated and professionally wired internal electrics means our garden offices create the perfect outdoor cinema room any time of year! We offer an acoustic pack for our garden rooms, which reduces the transfer of sound by around 45 decibels, allowing you to sing along to Frozen without the neighbours hearing. A cinema room outside creates the perfect retreat for kids, teens and adults! Whether it’s during the school holidays, after a hard revision session or a tough day at work, the cinema room will be the place everyone will place dibs on.




The Garden Office have a range of three different styles:

TGO1: The original garden office design. The roof of this garden room has an extended hood, creating a traditional garden feature. Additionally, design it with a contemporary side screen and corner window for a more modern finish. 

TGO2: A visually compact and stunning building. The TGO2 is the best garden office suited to those who are looking for the maximum internal flor area vs. exterior footprint with its shallow front feature.

TGO3: A fresh and modern addition to any garden. The TGO3 features a contemporary sheltered deck and hood, creating an architecturally stunning and symmetrical garden room.

 Designing a garden room has never been easier! With our online 3D configurator you can design your building to your own desires!

Please feel free to contact us for film suggestions…!

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