5 Contemporary Garden Office Ideas

5 Contemporary Garden Office Ideas

We love to keep up to date with the latest trends and styles with it comes to our contemporary garden office buildings. That’s why we’ve listed our top 5 contemporary garden office ideas to help inspire your project! 

garden office in winter

1. Choose a design that perfectly suits your style

Garden office buildings themselves are a contemporary way to make space at home, something that is completely different from the norm. These modular garden buildings are unique and stylish, often making them the envy of your neighbours and even your other family members!

Choosing a garden office design that suits your style, home and garden is easy with the range of options we have available to you. 

We have 4 building designs to choose from, with each being available in over 70 size configurations – so we are sure to have a building that suits your needs and budget. 

Style-wise, all 4 designs have a focus on blending natural and composite materials for a gorgeous exterior finish, but each has its own identity.

  • The TGO1 has a traditional feel with a sloped overhanging roof.
  • The TGO2 is a compact and squared design that has a fashionable industrial vibe.
  • The TGO3 is a bold design with statement edges creating a dramatic front frame.
  • The TGO4 has a unique curved feature that manipulates our materials in an organic rounded form. 
Exterior of a customers house with a TGO3 to the left of the garden

2. Black or graphite accents for a stylish finish

The Garden Office brand has always been the most contemporary garden building design on the market. Our buildings have a uniquely identifiable style using accents of stylish black or graphite in all of our designs. Black and graphite are timeless colours that provide a bold contrast to the natural warmth of our wood claddings.

Choose between either black or graphite for your building’s accent colour for a completely contemporary style. 

  • Our black option is rich and deep for a clean, crisp and contrasting design.
  • Our graphite accent is a softer choice with this deep blue-grey being a colour often found in nature that still creates a stylish contrast.

What’s more, we have black eco-friendly composite cladding options available if black is your style…

contemporary garden office interior

3. Plan your interior for light and space

It’s what’s on the inside that counts after all! Whilst you are designing your building it is important to consider the internal space and not just how the building looks for the outside.

Having a light and spacious garden room interior is not only a style choice but great for your health and wellbeing too. Careful consideration on how to make the most of the available natural light in your garden, as well placement of electric internal and external lights, are all things that our garden office experts can help with. Taking the time to consider your options here is so important, so we will never rush this stage – which is why you can make changes to your building all the way until 6 weeks before your installation date.

4. Customise to make it yours

No two buildings are ever the same – and that’s because of the people behind the projects. Your garden room is guaranteed to be like no other because you can put your stamp on it and really ‘make it yours’. 

We offer a range of options to customise your building as standard (including oak laminate floor colour option and lighting to name a few.) There are also a suite of optional upgrades to choose from too so you can maximise on features and functions that matter most to you (such as large bi-folding doors for more natural light, or air-conditioning for complete comfort in temperature control)

We take care of all of the essentials both inside and outside when it comes to creating a contemporary garden office. How you furnish it inside is completely up to you – your blank canvas to create a space that perfectly suits your needs. 

multi-purpose garden office building

5. Home away from home

We carefully design and manufacture our garden buildings to the same high-quality standards as a room in your home. Built for year-round use, being warm, dry and comfortable in any season. The beauty of a detached garden room building is the complete privacy and freedom they provide being away from the distractions of home. However, just because the building is detached from your home doesn’t mean that it isn’t part of it – because it absolutely is! To create a contemporary space that feels like home and is enjoyable to work from add touches of your home decor and style to create a connection between the garden and home. Soft furnishings, curtains, ornaments, pictures, rugs, home fragrance – touches like this help transform your space into your home away from home.

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