A Cosy Escape This Autumn

A Cosy Corner For Autumn

Autumn is well and truly upon us. Colder, rainier days and darker evenings are a sure sign that we’re heading into the cosiest season of the year. For some of us, finding space away from the rest of the house, somewhere to relax and unwind is a necessity. Garden rooms are the ideal solution for this.

While our garden offices are unique and architecturally stunning, inside they are spacious to allow you to customise your space how you like. If you’re lucky enough to already own a garden room from The Garden office then let’s talk about how we can achieve the ultimate cosiness.

Warm is Always Cosy

All of our garden rooms come as standards with free-standing oil-filled radiators. We all know that being warm doesn’t always mean we feel cosy. Sometimes “cosy” is a mindset, something the Danish have mastered. The phrase “hygge”, pronounced hoo-ga, is described as the quality of cosiness and comfort which creates a feeling of contentment.

A Siamese kitten sleeping on a pink and white striped blanket


Hygge can be achieved in various ways. Let’s start with lighting. This is maybe an obvious one but harsh lights are not cosy. Aim for more of a glow from various candles dotted around the room or fairy lights to add ambience. If you require a bit of extra light, a simple floor lamp with a lower wattage bulb can still achieve the same soft glow.

Interior of an annex with blue sofa and a throw and cushion on it

Add Textures

Nothing is cosier on a cold rainy evening than snuggling up in a giant, knitted blanket. Adding textures through accessories is a sure way to create a sense of hygge. Add textures such as wool, faux fur and soft cashmere in the form of rugs and cushions to bring a sense of warmth to your space.

Make It Your Own

Adding character to your space is a good way to create a cosy atmosphere. Family photos, trinkets you’ve collected over the years, books that you’ve read time and time again with bent spines and pages falling out. Just the thought makes us feel warm. Scents can also create this hygge atmosphere in your space. Fill the room with a smell that reminds you of a happy time in your life.

A stack of books on a window ledge

Every Nook and Cranny

Is there anything cosier than a nook? Adding a big, soft loveseat to a corner of your room, layered with lots of cushions and throws and a soft rug under your feet instantly makes us feel cosy. Add some plants to bring a sense of the outdoors within, that floor lamp we mentioned earlier and one of those old books you’ve read a hundred times and you’re all set for a cosy evening.

Feeling inspired? Get in touch with us to find out more about how you can create your own cosy space.