The Green Retreats Group World Cup 2018 TV Advert

Seen our advert?

So… where are you watching it this summer?


About the video.

For this project we worked with Stock + Bokeh to design and produce our film. From initial idea to final completion, Stock + Bokeh have created an emotive & beautiful video that captures the spirit of The World Cup and joy of celebrating with friends.

The actors are members of the Green Retreats team! So if you should book a site-survey or take a visit to the UK’s largest garden room showroom – you may well be lucky enough to bump into one of these super stars!

The main star of the show is of course our beautiful garden room building – the TGO2 from The Garden Office.


The perfect place.

A garden room by The Green Retreats Group gives you the perfect place to escape the day-to-day stresses of home. When summer strikes the garden becomes the natural extension to our homes – a kitchen, dining room and living room generally for BBQs and being social. A garden room during summer quickly becomes one of the most popular rooms of your house; adding a luxury touch to a bit of R&R in the garden. When winter descends we tend to pack away the garden and leave it well alone – but with a garden room by The Green Retreats Group you can make use of your garden all-year-round. Our garden room buildings are fully insulated with double glazing and heating included too – so you can really make the most of the space and be comfortable there in any season!

Love football?
Immerse yourself in the beautiful game with your own VIP Box.

Hate football?
Use your Green Retreat as your escape this summer.