Can I Have A Toilet/Kitchen In My Garden Room?

Garden rooms can be designed and laid out to your exact preferences.

Planning Your Garden Building

It is important that you have a use in mind for your garden building. A lot of our clients often get confused and think that they can only use our products for office purposes as it is in the name. Although we would like to reiterate that the uses of our garden buildings are endless, and are suited for all purposes!

Garden offices, however, are one of our most popular uses as it allows homeowners to simplify their life by working from home. Gone are the days of commuting to work and back!

garden office interior space

Can You Install A Toilet/Kitchen In A Garden Office?

Of course! Our job is to ensure that your garden office has everything you need to be best suited to you. Our team will handle the process for you, and liaise with a plumber of your choice to ensure that everything is installed correctly.

Kitchens are also simple and can be organised by our team. This makes the day easier if working from home. Or if you’re using your building for a chillout room, a kitchen allows for quick tea making without having to go back to your house. It is important to remember that although our garden offices can include a kitchen/bathroom, this does not make them habitable.

If you’re looking for a product that accommodates for year round living, our company The Annex supplies garden buildings that are suited for permanent living.

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