Can You Attach A Garden Office Onto The Side Of Your House?

A question often asked by our customers!

Can I Attach A Garden Office To My House?

Due to the structure and build of the building, our garden office structures need to be free standing – so cannot be attached to your home.

However, consider this for a moment…

Having additional space that is detached from your home often has benefits that outweigh the benefits of a traditional attached extension. Privacy, peace and quiet to name a few!

Being detached from your home means that you can have your additional space anywhere in your garden that you would like – freedom to get creative with the choice of view to work gazing upon. 

A completely separate workspace also guarantees utmost privacy for those who want to use their space for business use or work-related purposes. Or if you want a home gym or art studio, peace and quiet is always guaranteed.


How close can my garden office be built to my house?

We can build our garden offices within proximity of 400mm to any solid obstacle – like a house or another garden structure – if the design of your building is within 15m2 or less.

For anything over this size, a 1m gap will be required between the garden building and any solid obstacles.

The restrictions explained above are part of Building Regulations, so this does mean that we cannot install our buildings as a lean-to on part of your existing home.

Find out more about our construction process here.


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