Large Garden Office – Gym Combo

Home Office, TGO2

Trying to find the time to do everything you want is like trying to find a needle in a haystack; sometimes it’s just impossible. We tend to give up and settle for a compromise.

With working, commuting, trying to keep fit and healthy, staying up to date with friends and family, catching up on TV shows and keeping up to date with the latest news…It becomes an overwhelming uphill struggle.

It doesn’t have to be this way! We can’t offer a miracle solution; however, we can prove to you how a garden office can improve your lifestyle!

Our customers were looking to create a more relaxed, slower paced day-to-day routine. With commuting to the office, coming back home and then driving to the gym meant time was being lost and not used efficiently.

The solution to solve this? A Garden Office!

Our customer has created an office gym combo in their 7.5m x 3.5m TGO2 building. Designed with 2.3m French doors, a full height window and a single clad door for a small partitioned section for storage. With the new commute reduced down to 30 seconds it creates a new relaxed morning routine, without having to rush or worry about being late because of morning traffic. An after-work workout and wind down is only a few steps away, so you can de-stress as soon as you need.

With an office and gym in your back garden, the time saved from not commuting allows the customer to now spend more time with the kids. After all, your children are only young once!

Create a new lifestyle with a garden office.