Office with Toilet

Project Overview

Home Office, TGO1

Working remotely can be a challenge; Home seems like the best option, but the small upstairs office has become dull, uninspiring and lacking in space.

Garden Office
Building Name:
The Garden Office
5M X 3M
Starting From:

Our customer was in need of a dedicated space away from the house to focus on a home run business. With already having a conservatory for relaxing it was a challenge to find an alternative solution for creating room.

A garden is always overlooked or forgotten about when it comes to making room. Our buildings are the perfect alternative for that extra needed space. Our garden rooms provided our customer with privacy without being completely isolated from home. With fitted electrics, it allows the office to be kitted out with all the necessary tech. A toilet is a great addition to your garden room. We liaise with your plumber to ensure build is correct. A garden office is designed to be used whatever the weather – so it remains to be the best option for those in need of space all-year round!

A 5m x 3m TGO1 is a wonderful modern addition to any garden. With the space perfectly landscaped and designed to fit the garden office; aesthetical and practical.

The size of this garden room offers enough room for a couple of desks, a chair and WC + more. The 2.3m sliding doors allow easy access and corner window creates a lovely flow of natural light and ventilation.

The customer installed a hot tub next to the building, creating the perfect wind-down after a long day in the office!