Two Person Office

Project Overview

Home Office, TGO1

Space in the house can be limiting when two of you work from home.

Building Name:
The Garden Office
5M X 3M
Starting From:

Finding a distraction-free environment can be a challenge especially when you’re working from the same sofa you were watching Netflix from a few hours ago. Business and pleasure need to be separated otherwise there’s a constant distraction by one or the other.

Our customers were in need of a professional office to run their business from, but with inadequate space in the house, office rentals raking up at a hefty price, extensions taking a varying amount of time while not friendly on the wallet, they were stuck for alternative possibilities. The solution?

A 5m x 3m garden office. The perfect alternative for those in need of space. Our garden offices are fully insulated making them suitable for all-year round use. A 5m x 3m building provides a generous 15sqm of space for two desks, cupboards and a small kitchenette. By partitioning a garden room, it creates a great storage solution for those who wish to ditch the cobwebbed shed.

Our customers are now able to leave work behind closed doors and unwind back at home.