Do You Offer Small Garden Offices?

Whether you’re looking for a wide-open space to relax, or cosy small garden offices, we have a product suited to everyone.

What Small Garden Offices Do You Offer?

The cost of our products is based on internal footprint measurements. This ensures our customers know exactly what they’re paying for, and it simplifies the designing process. Our smallest building size available is 2.5m x 2.5m.

Despite being smaller, our cosier garden buildings still have the versatility to be used for whatever you need. Here are a few examples of uses for our smaller sized garden pods.

Garden Office

Our best selling use. Garden offices make life convenient and accommodate working from home, as well as start-up businesses. Our smallest 2.5m x 2.5m office is the perfect space for a comfortable office setup.

Complete with electricity, heating and insulation, even during the winter months our products make the perfect office space. With everything you need included in the pricing, your garden pod is ready for use almost as soon as it is constructed.

garden office interior with green chair and desk

Music Studio

Although our products cannot be completely soundproofed, our acoustic pack is perfect for those looking to reduce noise transfer.

Our acoustic pack reduces noise transfer by 45db, which dramatically reduces noise – although it is not ‘soundproof’. With a cosy space to store all of your technology and instruments, our garden offices make the perfect music studio.

Chill Out Room

Chill out rooms allow for privacy and a retreat from everyday life. Dependent on the design you would like, the size you need may vary. However, our smaller sized garden rooms make the perfect cosy chillout room.

Design your room how you like and create your own personal retreat. As our buildings are all efficiently insulated and heated, your building is suited for all year round use – even during the freezing winter months!

living area design with chairs and television

Start Your Journey With The Garden Office Today!

If you’re interested in adding a cosy space to your home, or even a wide-open space, we have something for everyone. You can request our , to find out more about The Garden Office and kickstart your project.