Are your garden pods warm enough to use in winter?


Yes, Basebox garden pods are well-insulated and come with optional extras such as free-standing oil-filled radiators, making them comfortably usable year-round.

Can I add a skylight to my garden pod design?

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We don’t offer skylights due to our meticulously engineered roof construction, but we provide excellent ceiling-mounted LED panel lights as a great alternative.

Can I live in a Basebox garden pod?


No, you cannot live within a garden pod as it is not designed nor compliant with building regulations to act as a suitable dwelling. Doing so would invalidate your guarantee with Basebox.

Can I paint the outside of my garden pod?

Design, Maintenance,

Our garden pods need painting within 6 months of installation using water-based paints.


Can my completed Basebox garden pod be moved to a different location at a later date?


Basebox is a temporary structure which can be moved; we would not recommend doing so as the costs to make the moving of the garden pod an impractical option.

Can you attach a Basebox garden pod onto the side of my house?

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A Basebox pod will need to remain a free-standing build because of their design and, as such, cannot be attached to your home. However, the garden pod can be as close as 400mm to your house.

Can you create me a completely bespoke garden pod?

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While Basebox doesn’t offer bespoke building options, we provide significant size variations, allowing you to design a Basebox garden pod to your specifications. Get started creating your Basebox with our 3D design configurator.

Can you give me the details of a Basebox near me so I can go have a look?


As a part of the Green Retreats brand, Basebox has two garden pods on display at the UK’s largest garden-building showroom in Westcott, Buckinghamshire. Why not pop in and browse our value engineered garden pods here. 

Do I need to get planning permission for a garden pod?


Planning permission for a Basebox garden pod is unlikely required as the build is under 2.5m high, thereby falling under your permitted development rights. However, should you need planning permission, our friendly team are on hand to help with this process.

Do we pay separately for installation and the base?

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Yes, the foundation installation is an additional extra for Basebox buildings.

Do you offer finance plans?

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Yes, we do! To find out more about our finance options please feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team here.

Do your garden offices come with a guarantee?

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All of our Basebox garden pods come with a 10-year structural guarantee.

Does my quote include VAT?


Yes, all quotes include VAT within the costing of our garden pods.



How close can my garden room be built to a wall, fence, boundary or obstacle?

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For any obstacle, including walls or fencing, our garden pods can be installed in proximity of 400mm.



How long does a Basebox take to build?

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Typically, the installation of the base for our garden pod can be completed within half a day to a full day. Following that, the construction of the building itself is scheduled for the subsequent week, with a timeframe of 1 to 5 days allocated based on the size of the Basebox.

How much is it for a site survey on my property?


We provide complimentary site surveys for all Basebox customers.

How quickly can you build my garden pod?

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Basebox garden pods are installed within 2 – 5 working days at your site.


Is there car parking at your showroom?


Yes! Our car parking is free and right next to our Westcott showroom.




On what days do you perform site surveys?


Our site surveys are usually conducted between Monday- Friday with limited availability on Saturdays.

What are the first steps?

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To get started on your Basebox journey, we’d encourage you to join us at our showroom, where our friendly and informative team will further your understanding of our garden pods.

During the consultation, we provide samples of the building, enabling us to collaborate in designing the ideal garden room that meets your specific requirements.

What are the heights of your buildings?

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Our garden pods are built as standard at 2.5 metres externally to be compliment with your permitted development rights.


What are the next steps for me to order?


To order a Basebox, we would require a holding deposit of £500 to secure your installation date. This deposit will remain refundable 8 weeks prior to your installation date.

8 weeks before your base installation date, 75% of the balance will be due to put your garden pod into production. Once your Basebox is built and signed off, the remainder of the balance will be due.


What are the U-Values for the Basebox building?


Our garden room buildings are fully insulated and highly effective against heat loss.

The thermal performance of a building is measured with a U-Value. The lower the U-Value, the better the material is as a heat insulator. The Basebox buildings from Green Retreats have the following U-Values:

Doors: 1.3

Walls: 0.47

Roof: 0.24

Floor: 0.24

What are your showroom opening hours?


Westcott, Buckinghamshire:
Mon-Fri | 9am-5pm
Sat | 9am-4pm
Sun | 10am-4pm


What is a Basebox?

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Basebox is a value-engineered garden pod designed to offer a high-end, self-standing build at affordable pricing.

What is the largest building that you make?

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The largest garden pod Basebox offers is 4.2m x 3.6m.

What is the smallest Basebox that you can build?

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The smallest building we offer in the Basebox range is a 2.4m x 2.4m.

When do I pay my final balance?

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Upon completion of the building work and your confirmation of the Basebox is satisfactory, we kindly request the settlement of the final balance.

Where do you deliver to?


We provide nationwide delivery throughout mainland UK for our products.