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Case study

Two 7.5m x 3.5m TGO1 | GBB Coaching & Consultancy Agency

A growing business is a fantastic success; with increased work and staff, more space is needed to accommodate this. Our customer Tim, the founder of…

5m x 3m garden office in large garden with cat
Case study

A 5m x 4m TGO3 | Gym & Games Room

Space is a little like time; We think we have lots of it but it seems to run out very quickly. Our customers were looking…

Two person office
Case study

Two Person Office

Space in the house can be limiting when two of you work from home. Finding a distraction free environment can be a challenge especially when…

Large garden office gym combo
Case study

Large Garden Office – Gym Combo

Trying to find the time to do everything you want is like trying to find a needle in a haystack; sometimes it’s just impossible. We…

Art studio chill room
Case study

Art Studio Chill Out Room

When it comes to being creative, the more space you have to flourish, the better. The dining room table isn’t sufficient enough for all the…

garden office for writing
Case study

4.5m x 3m TGO1 | Authors Writing Office

It’s astonishing how our surroundings and environment can affect our quality of work. The house can be distracting, an office environment even more so and…

garden room for business
Case study

Koala Kreations | A Garden Office for Retail

Our customer Lianne, started her business from home, Koala Kreations – which she soon moved to Bristol Harbourside Market. Lianne eventually needed something bigger as…

Office with toilet
Case study

Office with Toilet

Working remotely can be a challenge; Home seems like the best option, but the small upstairs office has become dull, uninspiring and lacking in space.…

Gym and chill out combo office
Case study

Gym and Chill Out Combo

The local gym just isn’t cutting it anymore; it’s always busy, the music is terrible and there’s never any parking. Not many of us have…

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