Which Garden Office is Right For You?

Our garden office range is designed to be contemporary and striking within the garden. Find out which garden office is right for you.

Contemporary Design

With flashes of black and graphite within the roof, doors and windows, the cladding options contrast beautifully. Garden office looks fantastic in your garden! But, you may be wondering which garden office is right for me?


A Modern Classic

The TGO1 was first in our range, and one of our best-selling garden office designs. Its striking overhang, front deck step and corner window features mean it’s still a favourite today. The front overhang is joined by a small side overhang to give the impression of a roof . From the side the slight slope of the roof can be seen from front to back.

The TGO1 features a composite three board deck as standard. This provides a great place to leave shoes, flower pots and also lends itself to an optional side cheek. The side cheek can be made in a matching cladding to the front of the building. You can also opt for our slatted front cheek. This really finishes off the styling and is hugely popular.


Compact & Contemporary

TGO2 is designed for those with limited space. The building still has the front composite deck step and graphite accents on the roof but with a much smaller overhang. The garden office is built square from the side, with the roof sloping back within the framework and with no side overhang. Our biggest priority is giving you the biggest internal footprint within the smallest external frame.

Our TGO2 also features the side window option, giving you maximum views out into your garden from within the building. The mirrored effect of the doors often reflects the garden back at you, giving the feeling of more space within the garden.


Sharp & Modern

The TGO3 takes cubic design to a whole new level. The front of the garden office features a solid side cheek at the opposite end of the corner door/window combination which joins both the three-board deck step at the bottom and the top overhang creating a stunning canopy effect. This works wonders for wind and rain protection and really finishes off the front of the building.

The side of the building , too, appears square, with the roof sloping within the canopy of the garden office. The black boarding on the inside of the cheek and overhang creates the illusion of a shadow which complements the wood cladding and graphite door frames.


Design-led & Distinctive

Our most recent addition to the range is the TGO4. Visually stunning the front overhang features a curve which joins the side cheek and the top canopy and has made it the most talked about garden office we’ve ever designed. When clad in cedar the underside of the hood is also clad in cedar. It is installed to match the curve of the front of the building. Black board replaces other claddings.

Our TGO4 design works well in all garden sizes, although we’d recommend at least a meter of cladding between the end of the building and the end of your front door set to really make the most of the design.

Your Choice

In terms of thermal efficiency our garden offices are identical, meaning you are choosing a style that looks best in your garden. Think about how the building will look when viewed from the house, as that’s how you will spend most of your time viewing it. Why not request your free Garden Office brochure where you can browse our range of products all from the comfort of your home. The brochure pack from The Garden Office provides everything you need to get started with your garden office project.

Take a Leap

Or if you’re ready to take it one step further, why not book your free, no obligation site survey, where our teams can discuss all your options and provide samples to help you create the perfect space to suit your needs.