Garden Office Pods

Small garden office pods from the UK’s number 1 garden office company.

Garden office pods are a growing trend for modern home working. Pods are stylish and practical, as well as being a quality investment to your home and lifestyle.

Any of our 4 garden office designs can be built as small as 2.5m x 2.5m – making them the perfect office pod solution!

Since 2005 we have been helping our customers who have taken the step to work from home, which is now more popular than ever. There are so many great reasons to work from home, and we can help you make the space to make it happen for you.

What is a garden office pod?

An office pod is a small garden building that works as your modern home office. Pods are completely detached from the house which gives them an edge over a traditional home office or study. Luxury and premium materials are used which makes our pods a comfortable and professional office to use all-year-round. Garden office pods are not only practical but incredibly stylish too, adding a modern and beautiful feature to your home and garden.

What are the benefits of an office pod?

Exterior of TGO3 in a garden with a tree in front of the building

Compact and practical.

Garden office pods are small in size making them easy to fit in almost any garden. Garden space is a premium in the UK, especially around larger cities. Being small means that you tuck your office out of the way and keep much of your garden available for more traditional uses.

TGO2 pod building

Modern and stylish.

Our garden pod buildings are designed to be a modern and stylish addition to your home and garden. The pod nature of the building is a modern living solution, creating more space at home in a unique setting. We use a blend of premium natural and composite materials to create pod structures that are visually stunning with a range of options to suit your home and style.

small black garden office

Make it yours and customise.

Internally and externally, you have the option to customise your building exactly as you want it.
We offer a range of garden office pod sizes with different widths, depths and even heights!
What’s more, we try to include all of the essentials that you will need in the price of every garden office pod, with no hidden costs.
The external appearance of your pod can either blend in or stand out, depending on your style and plans for your building. External options include cladding options, window designs, doors, lighting, decking and much more.
Internal options for your garden pod include lighting, heating, electrical sockets and stylish oak laminate flooring.
Our Sales & Design teams can work with you to make sure your building works exactly the way you need it.

pod at the end of the garden

Work-life Balance.

Our garden pods need to be freestanding from the house due to their construction. The way we design and construct our buildings means that they also don’t need planning permission or building regulation sign off, making them an easy addition to your garden without the headaches of traditional home extensions.
Being detached from the house has many benefits for you and your family. For you, a private garden office pod is a great place to focus and concentrate, away from the distractions of the home. For your family, they don’t need to tip-toe around you as you work. What’s more, at the end of the day you can lock the doors of your garden office and leave ‘the office’ behind.
Part of the problem with working from home is not being able to separate home life and work life. As adults, we tend to wear many ‘hats’ in our day to day lives. Who we are at work might not necessarily be who we are at home – and to muddy to the two together can be quite difficult. Staying out of the way and keeping a clear separation between home and work is a simple solution for making a success of modern home working.

black garden office pod


These small spaces work as an extension to your home, made from the same high-quality materials and standards as a new build home. A building from us is a lasting investment, complete with a 10-year guarantee for quality and designed for a 30-year life. Customers have also reported that their garden office has helped with the resale value of their homes.
We use premium grade materials throughout, making our buildings dry, warm and comfortable to use all-year-round. The finish internally feels just like a room in your home – not at all like a traditional outbuilding. Our garden pods are a luxury alternative to even a ‘posh shed’.

Office Pod at the end of the garden

Year-round use.

A garden office pod is designed to use all-year-round. We use premium grade insulation in the walls, roof and floor of your pod to keep the space warm in winter and cool in summer. Our insulation is also designed to be breathable, keeping your building dry and damp free.
We also include a free-standing radiator in the price of every building, as well as options to upgrade to air-conditioning and underfloor heating.
All of our doors and windows are double glazed with Pilkington K Optiwhite with a Planitherm layer and Swiss Spacer for maximum efficiency.

professional office pod


A garden office pod is a completely unique home office solution. This dedicated space for work can be styled exactly as you wish, without having to conform to the interior design of your home. Decorate with whatever inspires you to focus.
Being separate from the house gives your office a professional edge, being more like a ‘proper’ workspace free from the distractions of the home. For example, you can have a video conference call with the confidence that you won’t be interrupted by an unexpected guest.

modern garden offices

Safe and secure.

Your office equipment is safe and secure in your garden pod. We use insurance grade locking systems on all of our doors and windows, as well as toughened glass. You can also up the privacy and safety levels of your garden office by opting for window and door blinds.

garden pod tucked away in the garden

No hidden costs.

We try to include all of the essentials that you will need in the price of every garden office pod, with no hidden costs. Generally, the only thing you need to account for in addition is the electrical connection of your garden pod to a power source. The only reason we don’t include this in the price from the start is that this can vary hugely depending on the distance from your power source and the demands for power that your garden pod needs. We can certainly do this electrical connection work for you, or if you would rather you can also use your own preferred electrician. We quote for electrical connection during your free site survey.

Your garden office pod is sure to become the envy of all of your colleagues and neighbours! Get ahead of the trend and make the move to a modern way of working. Contact us today to discuss your plans and start your project!