Garden Office Sheds

The popularity of office sheds.

Garden office sheds are trending!

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has meant a huge shift into how we work, with many people working from home for the first time, and now for the foreseeable future too.

modern narrow garden office building

Working from home is well documented for it’s benefits to productivity as well as employee motivation and happiness.

Whilst we all agree that working from home is amazing and is the mark of a modern and forward-thinking future, if we are being honest it’s not always perfect – but then again, what is?

A garden office might be.

What is a garden office shed?

Garden office sheds are stand-alone garden buildings designed for use as a home office. These buildings are completely different from a typical garden shed; being fully insulated and crafted using premium-grade building materials to be more similar to a room inside your home.

hot tub next to garden office
A great way to create space.

Finding space at home to work from can be a real struggle. Even if you have a dedicated office or study in your house, the distractions of the home can be too much when trying to focus and create a professional environment. Your home is meant to be your retreat away from work, but working from home can mean that the line is blurred and work can start to take over your home life. And if you don’t have an office, the dining table or sofa is no place for a long-term solution. The burden of you working from home can often be felt by the rest of your household, with the need to stay quiet and not interrupt your day.

Creating a space separate to your house is a great solution for a home office, helping you and your family achieve the perfect work/life balance.

What’s more, adding a garden office to your home is easier and more cost-effective than you might think. Planning permission is rarely required, and installation takes just 1-5 days.

garden office in winter
Insulated for year-round use.

Every building from The Garden Office is premium insulated for use all-year-round. We have developed a complex insulation system in our walls, roof and floor to help keep the outside elements at bay. This keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.
The entire building is breathable and dry, creating a healthy workspace that is fresh and comfortable. The doors and windows are fitted with industry-leading double glazing for optimal thermal efficiency.
Much like a room in your house, in winter a bit of heating is a must to take the chill away – this is why we include an oil-filled radiator with every building as standard. In the summer you can open the doors and windows wide for some fresh air, or go full luxury with an optional upgrade of air-conditioning.

What makes a garden office different from a shed?

Garden offices are designed for humans, sheds are designed for lawnmowers.

There’s a lot more to it of course, but in the simplest terms we have designed these buildings to be used and enjoyed for total comfort and luxury – for people.

Designed for humans, and dogs too!

Our garden buildings are designed from start to finish with your comfort and safety in mind. Ventilation, thermal efficiency, light and environment have all been carefully considered to create a space for you that feels like home. Premium materials like those used in modern new-build houses make up the components of our buildings, from the complex breathable wall layers and insulation to the high-quality double-glazing.

A traditional garden shed is a damp and dark environment without proper ventilation, insulation and light. So converting a shed to a garden office doesn’t give you the best start for you to create a space you will enjoy working from, let alone be healthy and safe to work from.

What can a garden office shed be used for?

Our garden buildings can be used for a lot more than just an office. Professional uses such as a home office or home business studio are popular choices because of the freedoms of the detached space, but there is really no end to the possibilities of how you can use yours.

Art studios, home gyms, garden bars, cinema rooms, games rooms, man caves, pottery studios, yoga retreats… the list is endless!

garden office gym

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