Garden Room Uses Over Christmas

Year-Round Uses For Your Garden Room

Owning a garden room can have many benefits all year round. The benefits don’t start with the warmer months and end with Winter. Discover ways in which you can use your garden room in a multitude of ways over the Christmas period.

A Private Hideaway

Christmas can be an overwhelming time of year. For most of us, it can be the busiest time of year with not much free time. We have family popping round throughout the month dropping off presents and Christmas cards or even having family staying over. It can feel like you’re always under someone’s feet so finding a space where you can escape to for a couple of hours is godsent. Due to the fact our garden rooms are so well insulated, you can use your garden room year-round without the fear of catching a chill in the winter. When the kids or extended family are starting to get the better of you, grab a good book, your noise-cancelling headphones and a cosy blanket and curl up in your garden room.

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A Secret Den

Chances are, your garden building will rarely be used by the kids unless it is specifically for them. If you’ve got children or other family members who like to snoop and spoil the Christmas present surprise, why not consider your garden room as the perfect hiding spot for all your presents? Think of your garden room as Santa’s workshop. This is your space to get all the wrapping, card writing and other Christmassy bits done.

Person holding a Christmas present in front of a Christmas tree

Additional Space for Friends or Family

As we all know, Christmas is a time for friends and family to come together and reflect on the year and spread the Christmas cheer. Move the gathering from the cramped living room to your spacious garden building where you’ll be able to entertain without tripping over arms and legs. We love a multi-functional space so allowing your garden room to work as a practical space during the day and then turn into your go-to party space in the evenings is our idea of a good time.

Your Festive Space

More often than not, the reason why a garden room is purchased is to create more space in a home that is lacking. Give your Christmas tree the space that it needs to thrive. Instead of trying to cram all the Christmas decorations into one space, why not consider using your garden building as your festive space over the Christmas holiday? Not only will this free your actual living space for its intended purpose but also gives you a dedicated space for all your Christmas fun. Your garden room can even be used as festive arts and crafts space for the kids over the Christmas holidays.

Two women enjoying mince pies in a room decorated for Christmas

Make It A Magical Christmas Eve

Once your garden room has been turned into your festive retreat, it turns into the perfect setting to look out for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas eve. Start a new family tradition and spend Christmas Eve in the comfort of your cosy garden room. Don’t forget to look out into the night sky to see if you can spot Santa and his sleigh. Oh, and remember to leave some milk and carrots when you go to bed!

A Christmas Feast in Your Garden

Struggling to find the space to seat the family on Christmas day for that glorious Christmas dinner you’ve been slaving over? Move the feast out into your garden room! Not only will you have more space to seat everyone but also more space to serve up the meal. Turn your garden room into a fun, quirky, Christmassy space with odd tables, chairs and table decorations. Don’t have enough chairs? Consider renting chairs for the big day.

All Fun And Games

A garden room is a great place to send everyone with annoying gifts to play to their heart’s content. New gadgets or games are a great way to keep everyone entertained on Christmas day but sometimes it gets too much and you just need some peace and quiet. Enjoy the peace of your home while the others enjoy their gifts in the garden room.

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While it may be too late to order your garden room in time for Christmas this year, we would highly recommend getting in touch to see how we can help you start your garden room journey now! Order our free The Garden Office brochure right here or get in touch with us below. A dedicated member of our team will be in touch with any questions and queries you may have.