Garden Salon or Beauty Studio – A Home Business Idea

Garden Salons and Beauty Studios

A garden office is much more than the name describes. We’ve been building garden rooms since 2006, and in that time we have seen it all and built it all. This includes many garden salon buildings – so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two! We’ve built hair salons, therapy rooms, beauticians studios and much more!

Our customers that have made the move to work from their own garden salon have been able to take back control over their time and money, resulting in a better work-life balance and better earnings!

Whether you are making the move to go solo for the first time, or are looking to make your home salon business more professional – we can help! Take a read of our advice and top tips below for making your very own garden salon.

Benefits of a garden salon rather than a home studio

Typical home studios are either a room in the house or a garage conversion. 

A room in your home would need to have space to be able to fit all of the equipment you need to carry out your treatments-this can be tricky to find with space in the house often being occupied for another purpose. Inviting clients into your home is also a very personal thing. To keep a relaxing and professional atmosphere the route to your home salon room would need to be clean and clear of any personal items, as well as ensuring the rest of your household is quiet whilst you have a client in. 

A garage conversion is something we see quite often for home salons. 

Compared to using a room already available in your home, a garage conversion can be quite costly to transform the space into a comfortable and enjoyable space to be in. Naural light can also be an issue as you need to be able to control the environment to suit the treatment you are offering, with garages not often having windows. A garage conversion, however, helps to create a distance between the home and your business, keeping things a bit more professional and allowing your household to carry on with home life without being a burden to you or your clients. 

A garden studio is a great alternative to a traditional home salon or garage conversion by being a completely purpose-built and detached solution. You have control over the environment from the start, meaning your salon will be a perfect fit for your garden and your business needs. 

Save on rent

Typically when running your own salon or beauty studio you would need a space to operate from. Making the move to work from home is the best way to save money on renting expensive retail units.


Earn all-year-round

A garden salon from The Garden Office is fully insulated using premium-grade building materials to be as comfortable as a room in your house. Heating is included as standard with the optional upgrade of air-conditioning available for an ultra-professional edge. Our buildings are designed to be used all-year-round, meaning you can work and earn in any season with full flexibility.


Quit the commute

Working from home means no more commute, saving you time and money as well as helping the environment.


Private and professional

A garden studio building is a private and professional space compared to the alternatives, helping to create a relaxing environment for your clients that also doesn’t interfere with your home life.


Complete control of the environment

Your garden building is designed by you, making it perfect for your needs. When it comes to the building construction you have complete control of the size, positioning of doors and windows or natural light and ventilation and much more. What’s more, once the building is installed to suit your needs you can fit it out with exactly what you need to operate your business, as well as adding your own personal touch and style.


Unique space

A garden studio building is a stylish and contemporary addition to your home and garden. Your garden salon is likely to be something completely new and unique to your clients, adding a novelty and surprise that will set you apart from the competition. There’s something idyllic about a relaxing cabin retreat that will no doubt draw customers to your business.


Work-life balance

Having a garden beauty salon vs a home salon helps give you a better work-life balance. Having two separate spaces for work and home means that you don’t blur the lines between the two. Being ‘present’ at home is important for you and your household to help maintain relationships, and keeping your private life private to your clients is ideal to keep things professional. When you have finished an appointment or closed for the day, you can lock the door behind you and enjoy being at home.

interior of garden salon

5 Top tips for creating your garden salon


1. Consider access for your customers

Think about how you want customers to approach your garden salon and where they will come from. If they are using a back garden gate to access your studio then consider using signage so that they can see where to go and have confidence they are in the right place.


2. Think about the building layout early on

Our design consultants will work with you to discuss how you imagine the interior of your garden salon will be. Thinking about the internal layout early on will help decide on the ideal placement of doors and windows, electrical sockets, lighting and much more. You can change your design up until 6 weeks before your chosen installation date too, making the process completely flexible.


3. Consider partition walls for separate treatment rooms

As part of the build of the garden salon we can add partition walls with internal or external doors. Many of our customers in the past have added partition walls to create separate treatment rooms or changing rooms.


4. Speak to a plumber about adding water

Adding water and waste to a salon can be really helpful depending on the types of treatment you plan to offer. Whilst we don’t do any plumbing works ourselves as a company, we will be happy to speak with your chosen plumber to make sure they are comfortable with our building construction.


5. Privacy

Some treatments require more privacy than others. As well as the option for private treatment rooms using partition walls we also have the option of blinds for doors and windows as well as obscured glass.

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