Keeping Fit At Home

We all need to make an effort when it comes to keeping fit at home. But do not all have space in our homes for gym space. During the current circumstances, it is paramount you take the time to do home exercise or go for walks.

The Importance Of Keeping Fit At Home

If you’re working from home, you will have a lot more time on your hands to incorporate fitness into your daily life. The 30 minutes you would spend commuting to and from home, why not utilise this now free time to go for a jog?

During this time, it is imperative that you keep structure to your days. If you aren’t working as you cannot do your job from home or your work is closed, this is even more important. Start your day with yoga at home, a jog, a walk or even stretches. Exercise cleanses the mind and makes you feel motivated and ready.

It can become easy to fall into bad habits and to stay in bed for that extra hour becomes quite tempting. Set an alarm, wake up bright and early and do exercise first thing to get you started for the day – keeping fit at home is an essential part of home life!

black exterior of a home office

Your Own Home Gym

We offer home fitness solutions, to keep you motivated and create space for exercise at home. Choose from a variety of home designs and style options to create a gym environment suited to your preferences and needs.

Benefits Of A Home Gym

  • Lasting investment, with no need for lengthy contracts and gym memberships.
  • Accessible and convenient, saving you time travelling to your local gym.
  • A personalised environment which you can customise to yourself.
  • Add space to your home rather than using limited space you already have. 


As standard, garden rooms from The Garden Office come with everything you need to get started in your garden gym.

garden office with door open in sunny garden

  • Exceptionally strong flooring that holds 220kg per square metre as standard for heavy gym equipment.
  • Wipeable soft melamine wall finish.
  • Quick clean but stylish laminate flooring options.
  • Strong wall joint structure that can hold TV or gym brackets.
  • 2.3m French or sliding doors & opening lozenge window, allowing natural lighting and ventilation of your garden gym.
  • Three double sockets.
  • And much more!

Optional Extras

  • Air-conditioning for cooling during summer workouts.
  • Partition walls to create a dual-purpose space – think about a shower or toilet space perhaps?
  • Additional concrete piles to support even the heaviest gym equipment.
  • and so much more!

Versatile Space

Our garden buildings are so simple to install that the space they offer can be customised. With partition walls, you can split your room up for different purposes. Popular uses of our buildings are offices, yoga studios, artist studios and much more!