Home Gym Ideas

Home Gym Ideas: How to create a motivational space for your workout


Working out and keeping on track with your fitness goals can be tricky, especially with gyms regularly being closed at the moment as a result of the pandemic.

Home workouts have become the new normal with so many fitness success stories coming out of the extra time at home.

At The Garden Office, we’ve been helping our customers create home gym spaces since our beginings in 2006. With that in mind, we want to share our top Home Gym Ideas for you to create a motivational space for your workout.

Make Space

Nowadays, not only do you need to find the time for a workout, you need to find the space too.

Ideally, your workout location should be spacious, comfortable and make you feel inspired to get a sweat on! A ground floor location is best to stop any shake throughout the house. Or even better is to find a space away from the main house with a garage gym or garden gym.

gym and table tennis room

The pandemic has taught us all how to get creative with the space we have available at home, so find a location to clear a decent amount of space for all of the equipment you need. Near a window is best to get some fresh air and help keep you cool.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are really important in a gym to help you keep an eye on your form. Bad form during a workout can cause injury and can also mean that your workout has no positive benefit to you at all – making it a bit of a waste of time.

Mirrors also help reflect light and create a more spacious looking environment, which really helps with motivation during a workout.

garden gym building equipment


Having the right equipment is hand helps you reach your fitness goals that much easier. Whether your workout is yoga, running, weights, static bike or resistance training – your home gym should have everything you need close to hand and organised.

A non-slip padded matt is helpful for almost every workout, so we would make this part of our essentials list for your home gym equipment. And don’t forget a towel and some water!

home gym equipment


Adding plants to your home gym space makes the environment feel fresh. Plants release oxygrn throughout the day and also have a calming effect – making them a great addition to help keep you focused on your workout.

A lot of plants benefit from a more humid environment, so having them in your workout space is not only great for you, but great for the plants too!

Modern garden office pod

Neutral Tones for Relaxation and Yoga

When decorating your home gym, consider the type of environments that will motivate you to get the best from your workout.

For yoga studios, we recommend neutral tones with ample light and distant focal points to gaze at during your session.

A salt lamp is a great addition to a home yoga studio for their health benefits, plus they look great!

yoga studio

Dark Urban Decor

A home gym interior decor trend for 2021 is creating a dark urban look for your space. Blacks and dark greys with concrete features are a strong style statement that compliment a strong workout. Pair this with industrial style accessories to get a ‘back to basics’ feel.

You can soften your urban gym slightly with the addition of woods and plants to keep the space timeless.

dark gym interior

Neon Colour Pops

Another gym interior decor tip is to add pops of bright or neon colour. This can be achieved with your gym accessories (weights, bands, matts etc) or with LED lighting. The bright colours should be a highlight colour and not take centre stage in your gym decor, so we recommend pairing this with either dark or white walls. The pops of bright colour add energy to the space.

gym with colour

Could a garden building give you the extra space you need?


A garden building is a perfect solution to create space for a home gym. Our buidlings are made using the same high quality materials as a modern home, making them much more like an extension of your home than a conventional ‘outbuilding’.


Our insulating materials help keep control of the internal environment, making it a warm, dry and comfortable space for you to work out no matter what the weather is outside.



Our insulating materials are also completely breathable, allowing for the directional transfer of moisture out of the building helping to keep it dry, meaning your building won’t be damp or sweaty after a workout.

What’s more, our buildings come with 2.3m fully glazed sliding or french doors and an opening lozenge window already included in the price. This makes for fresh air in abundance when you need it!



Being outdoors and close to nature whilst having the practical comfort of being inside is the perfect combo for a motivational workout.



Working out from home can be hard enough without the added pressure escaping members of your household. A garden building lets you get out of the way to focus on your fitness, whether that needs complete peace and quiet, or lets you crank up the volume for a power workout.


Safe & Secure

Our buildings are made with insurance grade locks and toughened double-glazing, keeping your expensive and sought after gym equipment as safe as possible.



Create extra space you need and want at home, all in the comfort of your garden! Multi-purpose rooms are a great way to make the most of the extra space – like a gym and office combo!

garden office and lounge space
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