Home Photography Studio

Whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, owning a photography studio is a wise investment to make. A home photography studio can help hone your skills as an amateur photographer and buying equipment doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Owning a home photography studio as a professional can also save you money on renting a studio and can bring in a substantial amount in return.

Affordable Home Photo Studio Setup

As an amateur photographer, kitting out an entire photo studio can seem like an expensive prospect. However, this does not need to be the case and you can still create professional-looking photos on a budget. Depending on the type of photography you’ll be doing, your equipment will vary. We’ll keep it broad with a varied array of equipment for all photographers.


The Garden Office offer the possibility to create partitioned rooms which can be used as different areas to shoot in. You may require a separate room which can be used as a reception room where clients can wait while you finish up with another customer. You can even create storage space with an indoor partitioned room or even an external entrance to a storage room. Photography equipment such as lights can be quite large and what’s better than being able to store it all away in a private storage room. Rest assured your equipment will also be kept safe. Consider shelving units or a large chest of drawers to keep items such as props neatly stored away. With the opportunity to build your garden room as large (up to 30 square metres internally) or as small (2m x 2m) as you’d like you can decide what space you think you’ll need for your various photography projects. Only you know how you work best!

Photography Studio



The Garden Office garden room is a great choice as your photography studio. Door and window options are customisable, allow you to decide how many or few windows you think you’ll need in your studio and where to place them. Window light can be a glorious thing to have and can create a beautiful soft light for photos. All good photographers will know how to control light with correct camera settings. If natural light is not what you’re after then a simple curtain is your solution. You can have to types of curtains depending on what you’re shooting. If you require darkness, consider black curtains and if you’re looking for something to add a soft ambience to your photos, use sheer, light curtian. Consider other forms of light modifiers such as umbrella lights and softboxes , depending on what you’re shooting. Remember that umbrella lighting is better suited to when you are shooting a larger area, for example, a large group of people. Umbrella lighting is hard to control. A softbox gives you more control over the direction of your light, this is a wise choice for a smaller studio.

photography lights


This is probably the most affordable piece of equipment you can have and it allows you to have a lot of fun with your photos. All you need to create various backdrops is a support stand which can hold a roll of paper or fabric. The rest is then up to you! Online shops such as Fabric Land, which sell large rolls of fabric allow you to get creative with your backdrops. A plain backdrop also allows you to get creative digitally. Create your backdrops with Photoshop for more unique photos.


Props, you either love them or you hate them. Consider the type of photoshoots you will be shooting. Themed photoshoots generally call for specific props. Something as specific as new-born photography will require more props than your average photo shoot. You’ll need to consider items such as fabric wraps, bonnets and costumes, to name a few. You may also like to invest in comfortable and stylish seating which can be used in numerous ways. You may also want to consider the fact you may be photographing products and invest in surfaces which can be used as flat-lay backdrops.

Let us help you start your home photo studio with The Garden office. Request your free brochure which provides all the details you need to browse our range of garden rooms. And if you’re already that far, why not book a free site survey and design consultation to ensure your plot is suitable. Our site surveyors will also be able to assist you in designing your perfect space.