How Long Does Building A Garden Office Take?

Building a garden office is a life-changing addition to your home that can eliminate any commuting too and from an already existing workplace.

Building A Garden Office

You may currently be on the fence about installing a garden office. Garden offices are rising in popularity and are becoming the staple piece of any modern property. They’re slowly overtaking the traditional method of home extension, and are revolutionising the way people live at home and creating a more cost-effective solution to lack of space.

Although, the term garden office often misleads a lot of our customers in believing that a garden office must be used as office space. This is not the case, our garden offices can be used for a wide range of different uses. We have had past clients use our garden offices as playrooms, art studios, chill out rooms and even outdoor gyms. Not only this, but forget ever having to pay for bus or train tickets again, or petrol to get to work again! Instead, walk out into your back garden and step inside your own personalised office. For reference on how much money you could really save working from home, take a look at this article detailing the cost of commuting to a place of work.

The Building Process

It is important to remember that every building is different. Although we provide a rough deadline it can vary depending on things such as size, positioning and optional additives. Typically our garden rooms are constructed in a window of 2-6 days. The base of your garden office will typically take between a day to a day and a half to install. Construction of the building will typically follow the next week, where we give ourselves between 1-5 days to complete construction, although this is based upon size.

It is important to note that if you decide that you require plastering or our acoustic pack, the process may be slightly elongated to a few more weeks to allow plastering to dry. All in all, this is a relatively short construction time and the planning does not take much longer. When compared to a process such as home extensions, installing a garden room takes a considerably smaller amount of time and is not as complex. Even if extended to a few weeks until total completion, this is still swifter than any extension process, alongside the benefit of minimal disruption.

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