How to Keep Kids Busy During Quarantine

Looking for ways to keep the kids (and you) busy during quarantine? 

As we continue to embrace the “new normal” of staying home, the first hurdle was simply getting used to the change. However, there are other challenges emerging from this including keeping yourself and everyone else in the household entertained as productively as possible. Where some of us may be able to pick up an old hobby, work from home or simply enjoy some downtime, keeping kids busy during quarantine is most likely going to be a problem for most families at the moment.

We’ve put together a list of things to help. Whilst some of these may not be instantly achievable, they are certainly things to think about and start planning for (so why not involve the kids too!)

Here’s our go-to activities for children during lockdown

Get Arty

Embracing your creative side is a great way to keep busy during quarantine with young ones. Painting and drawing are just a couple of the many artistic and creative things you can do with your family, whether you’re teaching them the skills or if you’re learning together for the first time. Best of all, you can get them to do all the clearing up (even if you make the mess).

Where space might be tight, you could think about creating an extra space for your quarantine hobbies. It doesn’t have to stay that way, you could always change what you use the space for when life returns to normal. That’s why customers are such huge fans of our multifunctional spaces, you can use them for almost anything!

Here’s a garden art studio, an Inspiration garden room, from our other brand Green Retreats:

Online Singing Lessons

Extra curricular activities for children have been widely cancelled, as most are either physical, team based or require in-person interaction. However, you can still find some fantastic lessons for your kids (or even yourself) that work just as well online. Online singing lessons are fast becoming a popular way of learning one on one with professional singing teachers as they can still offer a fantastic service using video calling software such as Zoom or Skype.

Not only that, but you can also find professionals offering acting lessons and lessons for almost any musical instrument. It’s the ideal time to learn.

All you need is an internet connection and a webcam and somewhere private for you to take part and practice for your next lesson.

Our Room Planner

We do love our brochure, and there’s a lot of interesting and exciting things to look at throughout. One of our favourite elements in the brochure pack we offer is our interactive room planner, which is the ideal place to get started when you’re thinking about what furniture and other bits and bobs you want to put in your garden room.

It’s a great way to get the kids involved with your garden room project too. You can draw onto the planner the size of your desired space, pop out each item you want to include and move things around as much as you like. We’ve included items such as desks, sofas, televisions, treadmills… even dog beds! 

To get your hands on one of our room planners, simply request one of our free physical brochure packs

green retreats room planner


We all know that staying active is important, and now we’re unable to take children to the park or for a swim, we’re now having to think of more creative ways to keep our young ones active and away from the computer as much as possible.

Celebrities such as Joe Wicks (you may know him as The Body Coach) have ramped up their efforts to help everyone stay fit whilst they stay at home. The Body Coach has launched a daily YouTube workout called “PE with Joe” for everyone (including the kids) to get involved with, which starts at 9am, Monday to Friday.

If you’re feeling motivated to get involved with these workouts, why not start thinking about you very own home gym? They are the perfect addition to your home, being away from the house and will keep you motivated to keep up your new fitness routine once life returns to normal.