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Insulated Garden Office

Adding an insulated garden office to your home is a practical investment to create extra space for whatever you might need. Warm in winter, cool in summer, breathable and watertight – all of our garden office buildings are fully insulated as standard, giving you the freedom to comfortably work from home all-year-round.

Even though our buildings are named ‘garden offices’, and that is the most popular use by our customers, they can be used for anything you can think of – so don’t be limited!

For this blog we talk about insulated garden offices as the use of a garden office – but the facts remain true no matter how you use your building!

What is an insulated garden office?

An insulated garden office is a quality manufactured building that is completely detached from the home and built using the same premium grade materials used in modern houses. This creates a detached space that is effectively an extension to your home, and as a result, is completely comfortable to use in any season.

winter garden office

Benefits of an insulated garden office:

  • Work all year-round.

    An insulated garden office lets you work from home all-year-round, keeping productivity high no matter what the weather. You might think that a garden office would only be a great place to work in the summer (being out in the garden and all), but the colder winter months are completely held off by our complex insulation layers and heating – keeping you comfortable inside whilst offering gorgeous winter views.

garden office building in winter
  • Free from the distractions of home.

    Having an office that is completely detached from the main house gives you freedom from the noises, stresses and day-to-day distractions of the home. This means that when you at in the office you can completely focus on the task at hand.


  • A professional space

    A detached office in the garden can be a more professional workspace that a room in your home. As a private room away from the noise and distractions of the house, you can have a video conference in peace knowing you can’t be disturbed by a barking dog, playing child or ringing doorbell. What’s more, if your business means clients may need to drop by from time to time, it is much more professional to the keep your home and work life separate.


  • Work-life balance.

    With your office being detached and away at the end of the garden, it is much easier to keep your home and work life separate. Keeping a distinction between these two sides of your life is good for the whole family and not just for you.


  • Better value than renting office space.

    Renting office space has a lot of costs involved, with your rent payments ultimately amounting to nothing as far as investment goes. By adding a quality built garden office building to your home you are adding value as extra useable space. What’s more, in not too long at all you will have made the money back to pay for your building in what you could have spent in rent.


  • An adaptable addition to your home.

    A garden office building is a completely flexible space. What is your garden office Monday to Friday could easily become a cinema room to use over the weekend – we’ve seen it done many times before! Make the most of your garden office by creating a multi-purpose space.

multi-purpose garden office
  • 30-second commute.

    Having an insulated garden office saves you time and money in your commute too – not to mention the benefits to the environment!
    In the winter is when we feel the benefit, with an insulated garden office building taking the pressure away from rainy, icy or dark driving conditions that can sometimes make it hard to get out of bed.

modern garden office at the end of the garden

What makes our garden offices comfortable to use all year round?

Insulated throughout

Our walls, roofs and floors are all fully insulated to keep the outside elements at bay and the internal environment warm and comfortable. We have reflective and directional layers in our walls which reflect excess heat from outside, keep internal heat inside and pull away internal moisture. See more about our building construction here…

insulated garden office wall section
Breathable design

The construction of our buildings allows for vapour to pass through from the inside of the building, outside – keeping the internal space dry, healthy and free from dampness.


Premium double glazing

The doors and windows in our buildings are fitted with Pilkington k opti-white double glazing. This premium grade double glazing is also fitted with a planiterm layer and swisspacer for optimal thermal efficiency.

double glazing section
Epoxy resin roof

Our steel and epoxy resin roofs are completely maintenance-free as well as being fully insulated. The roof is completely water-resistant and is incredibly strong – able to hold 220kg of weight per square metre which makes them perfect for heavy snow conditions.

Heating included

Every building from The Garden Office comes with an oil-filled free-standing radiator as standard included in the price. As you would inside your home, when temperatures outside start to drop the internal space will need a helping hand to take the edge off. We also have multiple heating upgrade options including wall-mounted radiators and underfloor heating.


Air-conditioning available

For complete temperature control, we offer a range of air-conditioning units as an optional extra. To get the complete professional office environment, air-conditioning is a must!

air-conditioning unit

Why choose The Garden Office buildings?



At The Garden Office we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. This is why all of our materials are sustainably sourced, all of our waste is recycled with nothing going to landfill, and our factory and offices are completely carbon neutral. You can be confident that your purchase with us is a responsible one.



We have perfected our building methods to make the experience for our customers as hassle-free as possible. You will have a single point of contact throughout your journey with us, as well as a dedicated project manager. Construction of the building itself takes between 1-5 days, making it a minimally intrusive experience for you and your household.


Modern and stylish

At The Garden Office we stay up to date with the latest in building technologies, materials and design – offering our customers the pinnacle of style and building excellence.
Outdoor living is a new trend that encourages us to be outside and make the most of the great outdoors – a garden offices helps achieve just that. Your garden office building is a unique space that will be the envy of your whole family – if not your whole neighbourhood.

Insulated garden office shed

Our garden buildings are often referred to as sheds – however they’re much more like a traditional house extension in construction than a typical garden shed. You could call them a ‘posh shed’!
If you are looking for an insulated garden office shed that is designed to be comfortable to use all-year-round – then The Garden Office is the solution you are looking for.

modern garden office shed


Insulation is measured in U-Values (the lower the better) and at The Garden Office we make sure we offer the best results possible for our design:

  • Glazing: U-Value 1.2
  • Walls: U-Value 0.31
  • Roof: U-Value 0.35
  • Floor: U-Value 0.23

To find out more about how we build our buildings, visit our construction page…


We have a complete transparency policy when it comes to our prices. We include all of the ‘essentials’ as standard in our list prices – which can be found clearly against every design and style on our website and in our brochure.

Our garden office buildings are always fitted with our premium grade insulation throughout, meaning there is no compromise on quality depending on how much you pay for your building with us.

Prices start from £18,745 (correct at time of publishing) for a fully insulated garden office.

pop up brochure on table
Designs and Sizes

At The Garden Office, we have 4 insulated garden office building designs to choose from. Each building is available in over 70 sizes configurations as well as a range of personalisation options. We have small garden offices, large garden offices and everything in-between!

The Garden Office is a brand of the Green Retreats group. For more options on available designs check out the Green Retreats range of insulated garden rooms.

autumn garden office

Insulated Garden Office UK

If you are looking for garden office buildings in the UK, then Green Retreats and The Garden Office can help!

Visit one of our UK based garden room showrooms, either in Buckinghamshire or Twickenham, to see the quality of our craftsmanship for yourself.

UK garden room showroom