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garden office with astro turf

Our garden office buildings often form part of a larger garden renovation project. Landscaping and planting are normally part of the plan, creating easy access to the office and gorgeous views from it!

Many modern garden landscaping design incorporates artificial grass for a maintenance-free and clean finish. When we’re sent finished photography of our customers garden projects we see artificial lawns are often installed, and the results are amazing!

The team at Love Lawns have been working with many of our London based customers for years, with their premium artificial grass perfectly complimenting our modern garden building designs. Love Lawns are offering our customers an exclusive discount for our customers too!

About Love Lawns:

Love Lawns are the highest rated artificial grass company around London, with their quality customer service and superior product standing out above the rest. Their main service areas include Ealing, Pitshanger, Northfields, Brentford, Chiswick, Teddington, Twickenham, Kew and Richmond areas. 

Their excellent reputation has meant that Love Lawns have been a cornerstone for these garden communities for the past 5-years. As a family-run company, they are passionate about their trade and have customer service at the heart of their business. Their customers love them, which is why Love Lawns has been rated 5-stars on Google! 

The Benefits of Artificial Grass:

– Maintenance-free: 

Artificial lawns don’t need mowing, feeding or watering which saves time and money.

– Child and pet friendly:

No nasty chemicals are used in Love Lawns Artificial grass, making it safe for children and pets.

– Year-round great appearance:

The natural appearance of quality artificial grass keeps a perfect look in any season.

– Muddy feet free:

Artificial grass leaves no mess or dirt to trail into your home, as well as no mess or stains from cutting. 

Eco | Artificial vs Natural

Purchasing an artificial lawn has important ecological considerations. Being made from plastic means consumers need to take extra care to ensure their purchase is a lasting investment. Buying quality is the best way to ensure you are reducing plastic waste.

We understand that natural lawns are not for everyone and that artificial grass provides many benefits and advantages over traditional turf gardens. This is why artificial grass is so popular! So if you are considering adding artificial grass it is important to shop wisely to make sure you are being kind to the environment.


Buy quality, buy once: 

Reducing our plastic waste over our lifetime is important. By purchasing a quality artificial lawn prevents the need for replacing it in the future, saving money in the long run as well as reducing plastic waste.


Choose recyclable:

Choosing a recyclable artificial grass, like the selection from Love Lawns, means that you are making a responsible choice for the future of your garden.


Other Eco Benefits to Consider:
  • Artificial grass doesn’t need watering compared to a natural garden, saving water, time and money.
  • Chemical treatments are no required for artificial lawns, helping to protect wildlife and keep lawns safe for pets and children.
  • Artificial grass doesn’t need to be cut, saving on electrical and petrol emissions from lawnmowers.


Eco Tip from Love Lawns 💚 If you are choosing to add artificial grass to your garden as part of a landscaping project, make sure to factor in plenty of space for natural flower beds and other plants to help support nature in your garden.


customers at the London showroom

If you visit our Twickenham garden office showroom you will see an example of Love Lawns high-quality artificial turf in our window! 

Find out more about Love Lawns grass and get a quote by visiting the 

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