How to Create a Multi-functional Garden Office

Having a garden office is a great way to create more space at home, but what happens when an office isn’t the only extra space you need? Transforming your garden office into a multi-functional garden office is a fantastic solution. Our garden office buildings are so sought after, that no doubt every member of your family will have a purpose of their own in mind. Everyone will want to stretch out into the new space at home, and enjoy the uniqueness of escaping into a cabin in the garden.

Our garden office buildings are so versatile that there are many ways to make sure the space suits exactly what you need. Through the use of clever furnishing or by using our partition walls, you can easily turn your office into a multi-functional garden office space. Any of our larger sized garden rooms can be partitioned, creating that additional space and a bigger return on investment.


The Possibilities are Endless

Creating a multi-functional garden office gives you the freedom to do even more than you would think possible with the home and garden space you have. Although our buildings are mostly used as home office spaces (and they are named as such!), our buildings are much more than garden offices – they are in their simplest form, space! Your new space can become anything you need it to be, and that can sometimes be several things in one. Check out our advice on creating a multi-functional space that suits your needs and budget. 


Large partitioned garden building surrounded by trees

Option 1: Split It Up with Partition Walls 

We offer a partition wall system as an upgrade option. Using the partition walls you can create completely separate spaces within the one garden office room. Either separate off a corner, section an area at the back or split a section off through the middle – the choice is yours! 

Separate the Use: Separated rooms are great to keep separate purposes distinct from each other (because a garden cinema might be a bit of a distraction in your garden office… maybe?). This is also important if you are adding a storage area in your garden office to replace your current unsightly shed.

Separate for Privacy: Separated rooms are also great for added privacy. For example, many of our customers use our partition walls to create small bathrooms in their garden offices or shower rooms in their garden gyms. 


You can either add internal doors or external doors, making the partitioned area slightly included or completely separate.

Internal Doors:
Internal doors allow your partitioned room to remain part of the internal ‘living space’; ideal for bathroom areas or storage for paper files and equipment that you need on hand easily. Internal doors are also great for customers who are using their buildings for commercial use, creating waiting rooms, changing areas, different treatment rooms etc.
If you want to be able to quickly access your second space, then internal doors are the best option. You can combine this with the option of an external door too for extra access.

External Doors:
External doors are a great option for creating completely separate spaces. External doors are a popular choice with couples who both run home businesses that need complete privacy. They are also a popular choice for creating storage areas for bulky items that don’t need to be accessed often; many of our customers use this section to get rid of their unsightly garden sheds.

Take a leaf from this garden room below. With partition walls and an external door, this customer has created space for all the unsightly things they don’t want on display. Get rid of the ugly garden shed and securely store your belongs in a discreet partitioned section of your new beautiful multi-purpose garden room.

This sleek hair salon, pictured below, doubles as a beauty therapist space with the magic of partition walls and internal doors. Give your clients the privacy they need whilst conducting treatments.

Option 2: Get Functional with Furniture

Using partition walls isn’t the only way to create distinct spaces inside your garden office. Take note of this garden office pictured below. Clever placement of windows and arrangement of furniture have meant that this customer has managed to create a fully multi-functional space – a gym, office and lounge in one! 

Something as simple as the Ikea Kallax room divider storage solution does the job!

We can help design the multi-functional garden office you need.

During your free site survey, we can help make sure that your space suits your needs and design a layout that will work best with your garden landscape too. We also offer a room planner included free within your brochure pack, so you can play around with different ideas of where to place your furniture to get the most out of the space.

If you’d like to know more about multi-purpose garden offices and partition walls, feel free to get in touch with us using the form below. You can also find out more about all that we offer by requesting your free brochure