How to Create a Multi-functional Garden Office

Having a garden office is all well and good but what happens when an office isn’t the only extra space you need to expand the household? Through the use of clever furnishing or by using our partition walls, you can easily turn your office into a multi-functional space. Any of our larger sized garden rooms can be partitioned, creating that additional space and a bigger return on investment.

The Possibilities are Endless

The uses for our garden rooms are endless, but far and away the most popular use is for home offices. Creating that extra space away from the house to be able to separate work-life and home-life is a great idea. What happens though, when even more additional space is needed to expand your home? Creating a multi-functional garden office gives you the freedom to do even more than you would think possible with the home and garden space you have.

So Close, Yet So Far

Being detached from the family home has its obvious benefits when it comes to maintaining a professional work ethic. No longer will you be distracted by hustle and bustle of day to day home life. However, your garden office can become so much more when you start to think of the possibilities of a multi-functional space. How about an office and gym combo? Or an office and bar? Do your family a favour too and move the stress or noise away from the house so that they get some peace and quiet too.

Large partitioned garden building surrounded by trees

Split It Up with Partition Walls

Partition walls are great to create many completely distinct areas within your garden room. You can either add internal doors or external doors, making the partitioned area slightly included or completely separate. Like rooms in a house, partition walls can give a little extra privacy in one larger space – such as a bathroom in your garden office or a shower room in your garden gym.

Large partitioned garden building with french doors and a side door to the right of the building

Take a leaf from this garden room below. With partition walls and an external door, this customer has created space for all the unsightly things they don’t want on display. Get rid of the ugly garden shed and securely store your belongs in a discreet partitioned section of your new beautiful multi-purpose garden room.

Small partitioned garden building with french doors and a smaller door to the right for storage

This sleek hair salon, pictured below, doubles as a beauty therapist space with the magic of partition walls. Give your clients the privacy they need whilst conducting treatments.

Large garden building with landscaped garden surrounding

Get Functional with Furniture

Using partition walls isn’t the only way to create distinct spaces inside your garden office. Take note of this garden office pictured below. Clever placement of windows and arrangement of furniture have meant that this customer has managed to create a fully multi-functional space – a gym, office and lounge in one! 

multi-purpose garden office interior


If you’d like to know more about multi-purpose garden offices and partition walls, feel free to get in touch with us below. You can also find out more about all that we offer by requesting your free brochure