Running your Home Business in 2020 and Beyond

Why is a garden office is the ideal place to run your home business?

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but one thing it has shown us is the importance of our homes. Lockdown at the start of the year brought a stark realisation that office space may not necessarily be the way forward to working in the future. For those of us running small businesses, renting office space was no longer a viable option, meaning that our home business would have to be brought back to its roots.

The Advantages of Working from Home

Save Money When it Matters Most

Thankfully, today’s world gives us the opportunities to run a home business without feeling disconnected. Technology has granted us the power to stay connected and work flexibly while still being able to run a successful business. Running your business from home also allows you to grow without the worry of renting or buying expensive office space. This means that you can work flexibly without being constrained to the office space you rent, something that we all had to learn the hard way this year.

Not only does a home business allow you to save money on renting or buying office space, but it also keeps your overheads low without having expenses such as multiple phone lines and office utilities. Fixed costs for running your business from an office space also adds an immense amount of pressure on your business to succeed even in unprecedented times. Starting a home business allows you to test the waters without expensive overheads and unnecessary financial pressures. You’re letting your business grow at your own pace instead of setting yourself up for failure.

Exterior of a TGO3 home office with one french door open

Why a garden office?

Spend Time on The Important Things

According to Lloyds Bank, who released an article at the end of 2019 on commuting to and from work, the average journey takes 65 minutes each day with the average in London set at 84 minutes, the highest in the country. This means that you are spending an average of 492 days commuting to work in your lifetime. That’s over a year of your life spent in a car, train, on a bike or bus, commuting to work. Think of all the things you could do if you could get those 492 days back! More time spent with family and friends, more time making memories and more time to help you succeed in running your home business.

With an initial investment starting from £18,745, a garden office not only cuts your commute down completely but also your annual cost of commuting. Sixty-five minutes per day turns into 30 seconds which gives you more time for the important things such as spending some extra time with the family in the mornings before everyone goes about their day.

This year has seen families spending a lot of time at home together. Running your business from home gives you the flexibility to work the hours that are best for you and your family. Not everyone can work the average 9 to 5 business hours, but with a garden office, you dictate your hours.

Interior of a home office with a desk to the left and blue sofa to the right

The Benefits

  • By now I’m sure you don’t need more convincing on the luxury of a 30-second commute. Imagine the convenience on a busy morning, getting the kids ready for school or even just a well-deserved lay in. Your home business at the bottom of the garden awaits!
  •  Your home life and work balance will significantly improve once you move your office out of the home. A garden office allows you to physically and mentally separate the two aspects of your life.
  • A home business which you can run in a garden office is the ideal environment to start your business without the financial stresses that come with renting office space. Grow your business at the rate that works best for you.
  • A garden office will save you money long-term. Without having to fork out rent and other overheads every month, you can invest your money on business growth and development.

Infographic on the benefits of a garden office

Infographic on the benefits of a garden office

Need we say more?

With an initial cost starting from just £18,745, you will not only be investing in your home business but also your families lives. No more spending hours in traffic, throwing money away on unnecessary overheads and instead more time spent with the people who mean the most to you. A home business run from your garden office can significantly improve your mental health by separating home stresses from your work. Less stress equals more productivity, and more energy spent, making your business succeed.

We Offer Finance!

We understand that not everyone is in a position to make large down payments, especially during these unprecedented times. This is why we offer finance options on your building. Spread the cost of your garden office over ten monthly instalments. You can find out more about our finance options here.

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