Self-Build Pod | Build Your Own Garden Room | from Green Retreats

NEW – Self-Build Pod | Build Your Own Garden Office

An Alternative & Cheaper Solution from our other brand, Green Retreats

Our other brand, Green Retreats, has just launched a new simpler, cheaper and quicker garden office solution. With the option to be supplied as a self-build pod.

Available for a limited time only. 


The Pod | Build Your Own Garden Room

Working from home has never been more relevant than it is today. At the Green Retreats Group we have had an increased demand for our garden buildings as a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic. As a response to this increase in demand, we have decided to launch a product that we have been working on for some time – The Pod. 






DIY option
  • The only self-build pod option from the Green Retreats Group
  • Prices from £7,995 
  • Kit form
  • Clear and simple instruction manual provided
  • Only basic tools required
  • 2 people can build in 3 days


  • Prices from £8,995 fully installed


Sizes and Designs

There are 3 sizes/shapes to choose from to suit your garden and needs. Both come with all of the essentials as standard, and have the option for full professional installation, or to be provided in kit form as a self-build pod for a bit of DIY.


The Square Pod | 8ft x 8ft | £7,995 DIY or £8,995 Installedthe-square-pod-small-self-build-pod

The Long Pod | 8ft x 12ft | £8,995 DIY or £9,995 Installed

The Wide Pod | 12ft x 8ft | £8,995 DIY or £9,995 Installedthe wide pod


How is The Pod different from a building from The Garden Office or Green Retreats?

When designing The Pod, we began with the idea of a simple garden room building that was so simple in fact, that someone could build it themselves. We used our many years of expertise to think outside the box from start to finish to create something entirely different from anything we have done before. 

The Pod is stripped back, simplified and uses slightly different materials throughout to offer an outstanding value building that is still constructed to Green Retreats quality. 

Self-Build Pod

The Pod is our first ever self-build pod design. However, we are still offering an installation option for customers who would prefer it. 



Did you know that The Garden Office is just one of our brands under the name Green Retreats? 

We know and love garden buildings so well, that over the years we have developed a couple of different designs and placed them within their own brand. 

We are gradually starting to bring everything together in one place to make things easier for our customers. You may have noticed that all of our brands are in the ‘menu’ of the website: 


What makes them different?

The Garden Office and Green Retreats are very similar in the way they are built, sharing the exact same core design – the only real difference is the way they look on the outside. 

Garden Studio has been our entry-level brand as a slightly scaled-back version of our Green Retreats core design with fewer upgrade options – but still sharing the same build techniques and materials. 

The Annex is a completely different product being a permanent living solution. Although they simply look like big versions of two of our Garden Office buildings, they are built entirely differently to comply with building regulations. Because these buildings are essentially garden houses, they come as standard with a bathroom and kitchen too! 

The Pod may look similar to our main Green Retreats designs but has been engineered completely differently using new materials and methods. We have been working on this design for a while, and have launched it now to help our customers who need more space and at a cheaper price as a result of the current pandemic crisis. It is also our first self-build pod.