Self Isolation To Do List

Social Distancing

We currently find ourselves amid an odd time for humanity. With our government officially advising against any social gathering, social distancing and working from home when possible, finding ways to stay sane in a time of self-isolation is more important than ever.

Work From Home

At The Garden Office, we have always encouraged a working from home mentality. While there are many advantages in general why working from home is beneficial, many of us are finding we are required to work remotely. Not only is this vital for your own health but for the health of your colleagues. Fret not if you are not accustomed to working from home and are apprehensive on how to do so efficiently.

Working from home allows you to create a schedule that works best for you. You are able to customise the environment you are working in to suit your needs. Concentrate better while listening to heavy metal? Go for it! Of course, the most obvious benefit to working from home is no longer having to commute. While commuting can be laborious at the best of times, cutting out commuting could save you from contracting serious viruses at this point in time.

Working from home is also easier than ever. Companies such as Skype and Zoom have made it convenient and effortless to stay in touch with colleagues and clients through video conferencing.

Exterior of home office

Keep Fit from Home

With many people choosing to stay away from public areas, it may be wise to avoid the gym too. Luckily a garden gym is more achievable than ever. Some are able to enjoy the ease of a garden gym with their own equipment. With the rise of at-home, virtual fitness courses from the likes of Peloton and Echelon , staying fit from home has become more convenient.

The beauty of exercising is that you don’t have to own expensive equipment to keep fit. Even 10 minutes of cardio is enough if that is all you have time for in a day. The NHS has shared a handy workout routine which consists of six 10-minute workouts, one for each day of the week, taking one rest day. YouTube is also a great source for at-home workouts which don’t involve any equipment. We’re sure you’ll be able to find workouts on there to suit any fitness level.

Don’t forget to work on your mental health too. Practising Yoga and meditation are not only excellent ways to keep your mind healthy but also distract yourself from the current global situation. With many people finding the news distressing and exacerbating anxiety symptoms, we would encourage people to try meditation. Apps such as Calm and Headspace allow users to follow guided mindfulness and meditation techniques to overcome anxiety and stress.

Exterior of home pilates studio with a black dog outside

Indoor Activities

There’s no need for self-isolation to mean boredom. There are many indoor activities that you and the family can partake in during this trying time. Something we can all get on board with is Netflix . If you haven’t yet signed up for Netflix, not would be the perfect time to do so. With thousands of films and TV shows from all different genres, the only thing you have to worry about is deciding on what to watch. Netflix has also introduced Netflix party which allows you and your equally isolated friends and family to watch films together as well as chat rooms to share reactions.

If you’d rather spend your time on something more intellectual, why not consider joining an online book club? Reading Groups for Everyone offers users the opportunity to join online book club groups, leave reviews, share their reading lists and so on. We know that travelling to bookshops isn’t necessarily plausible at this time, so we would suggest purchasing a Kindle which allows you to download books from Amazon.

Someone pointing a remote directly at a TV with the Netflix logo showing

While there are many more things that you can do during self-isolation, we hope this has given you an idea of where to start. It’s important to remain productive and keep your mind occupied during this difficult time. We’d highly suggest practising mindfulness and meditation to see how that works for you. We’d love to know what you will be doing while you are social distancing! If you’d like to keep up to date with Green Retreats news then you can sign up to our newsletter below. 

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