The Best Uses For Our Garden Buildings

The options you are presented with when installing one of our fully bespoke, customised garden buildings are endless. With so many design concepts and optional add-ons, you can make your garden room whatever you wish with ease.

Why Install One Of Our Garden Buildings?

All of our garden buildings are bespoke and can be constructed and fitted to your exact preferences and requirements. The endless design options are what is the main reason for the uprising popularity in garden rooms and annexes. One benefit of garden rooms that is popular with our clients is that it can be placed in your garden wherever you wish. Meaning that it is not attached to your home as a home extension would be, and allows for the utmost privacy. Privacy is vital for those who are looking to install a garden gym and want to work out in peace, or for individuals who want a garden office and need privacy to work undisturbed.

Garden rooms also come at a much lower price when compared to home extensions. As home extensions require so much construction and altering to the current build of your home, they are a long painful process which costs more. Our garden buildings take a few days to construct and the majority of the time will not need planning permission, and come at a fraction of the price! Making them the ideal alternative to costly, long-winded home extensions. So if you’re currently on the fence of installing a garden room and are pondering its different uses, you have come to the right place! We have devised a list of the best ways that you can use your garden rooms, so keep reading.

Home Gym

A lot of our customers are often misconstrued by the Garden Office products. Although the names of our products all have garden office in the title, the options are endless and the garden office building design is especially fluid, making it suited for all uses, not specifically for office environments. One of our preferences and favoured uses by previous customers would have to be the home gym.

A home gym can come in various sizes depending on the equipment it’s going to have and how much space is required for activities. We have installed numerous home gyms and have received nothing but positive feedback! Individuals are typically plagued by the journey of driving to the gym after a long day at work, this can be draining and even become the time-consuming hurdle that prevents you from keeping active and regularly exercising. By installing one of our garden rooms, you can have your personal gym at the end of your garden which is well within walking distance and in the comfort of your own home.

Another off-putting factor that prevents people from going to the gym is confidence. Sadly, for some people, the gym can feel as though all eyes are on them and be pressurising. Building your own garden gym gives you the privacy to exercise comfortably in your own company without any worries. It’s important to note that when you go to the gym, you often will shower and get changed there into clean clothes. You can opt to include a divider in your garden room and create your own shower room for the full gym experience, and allow you to carry out your workout and then feel fresh afterwards all in one place. If you’re looking to furnish your home gym with state of the art gym equipment for an affordable price, Fitness Superstore provides an extensive range of fitness tools to complete your home gym.

Adult Retreat

Adult retreats are slowly rising in popularity and are becoming a must-have for every modern day property. Adult retreats can make lazy afternoons even better and are the ideal place to kick back and relax with your special someone. You’ve heard of man caves, but an adult retreat is a step up from this with a more luxury touch.

If you enjoy a glass of gin and tonic, or you like your whiskey, an adult retreat is a perfect place to add a bar for when you fancy a drink. Wine tasting and spirits tasting are further rising in prevalence, if you’re someone who appreciates this, this could be the perfect option for you. Make your adult retreat well presented but also comfortable, a big plush sofa is a perfect addition that adds style and class but is also comfortable for lounging. Finish off your retreat by adding a TV so that you can enjoy your favourite programmes undisturbed, adult retreats are simple to create and allow plenty of customisation and originality in terms of design.

Artist Studio

Art and creativity is a massive skill that deserves significant appreciation. However, it can be difficult creating masterpieces inside your household without paint and art materials cluttering everywhere. Which is why artist studios are one of the top uses for our garden buildings.

Artists need to have their personal space to let their creative streak flow naturally undisturbed. Most of our customers who have artists studios install storage units for all of their materials and tools, after this, they personalise and customise the building to their preferences. This is one of our favourite uses of our products, we love promoting creativity and think that once completed, the artist studios look fantastic. Art takes time, as well as peace and quiet, an artist studio gives skilled artists the privacy and tranquillity they need to carry out their work. You can see an example of a garden artist studio here.


Due to the fact that our garden rooms can be built in a variety of sizes, we have ventured into the world of education and started providing our buildings to schools and educational centres.

We receive various requests from individuals who currently own a childcare centre, nursery or childmind from home enquiring about our buildings. It’s a well-known fact that children can be messy, if you’re a full-time childminder and do not want children charging through your house all of the time, our garden offices make the ideal play and education space. Our buildings include electricals and plumbing, ensuring you can fit a kitchen space with a sink and toilets. This proposes that if necessary, you could even transfer your entire child care service to your outdoor garden space!

As for schools, our buildings make the ideal classroom space for a high volume of children. We have in the past fitted our buildings for classroom purposes and have received feedback on how helpful they are. Our garden buildings have all of the necessities that a classroom would need and have access to water and electricity.

Beauty Room

Beauty rooms are exemplary for business purposes or for personal use. If you are a huge beauty fan, having your own beauty room may be the best thing that ever happened to you. Storing beauty products and materials can become cluttered, so why not build your own space to store it all and carry out all of your beauty regimes?,

We have recently fitted a garden beauty room for a client, however, this was for business purposes. The client needed space for her fast-growing home business and wanted to make way in order to be able to offer her client base more treatments. With all of the equipment and products that go into beauty work, her house simply no longer had the capacity to cater for the high-volume work she was receiving. With all of the electricals and plumbing included in the installation pricing, a garden room was a cost-effective solution to create added space for an expanding and successful business.


Enquire About Our Garden Office Today

Now we have given you some inspiration, you might have an idea of what you could use your own garden room for. Our garden office is suitable for both recreational uses as well as home business and corporate. For more information, you can request your free brochure, or feel free to contact a member of our team with any questions or queries you have.

We hope that this article was helpful and provided you with all of the information you were looking for.