Cladding Options

Narrowing It Down For You

What cladding options do I have for my garden office?

After choosing what building suits you best, your next decision will inevitably be, what cladding do I go for? A big decision in itself as the cladding can either make or break the aesthetics of your garden. Thankfully we have a range of options to suit all styles.

What comes as standard?

As standard, all of our buildings come clad in Scandinavian Redwood. We sustainably source our Scandinavian Redwood which also has FSC certification. Our Scandinavian Redwood cladding is pressure treated through the entire grain with a natural tanalith. Tanalith is a water-based wood preservative that contains copper and proven organic biocides. These preservative components bond with the wood structure, providing long-term protection. It is also slow grown over an 80-year period for tighter growth rings to more structurally solid wood.

TGO2 with Scandinavian redwood cladding

Why not upgrade?

We also offer multiple alternative options available as upgrades. These upgrades include honey redwood, cedar and for a more daring option, black composite cladding.

Honey Redwood

Our Honey Redwood boasts the same great qualities as our standard Scandinavian redwood but is treated with a finish for a beautiful warmer colour.

TGO3 with honey redwood cladding

Cedar options

Our cedar options come with a standard option or a premium option. The main difference between the two options is aesthetic. Premium cedar is handpicked to ensure a reduced number of boards containing natural wood knots and patterns which are present in standard cedar. You might choose the standard cedar based on the knots and patterns, which can give every building a unique appearance. Our Cedar is also interlocking, leaving a nail-free finish to the cladding.

TGO1 clad in cedar


Composite, available in black, is second-life. This means that it is made from completely recycled materials and is guaranteed to be recycled again.

TGO4 with black composite cladding

Feeling indecisive? You also have the option of different cladding on certain elevations.

Zero Maintenance

It is important to note that all of our cladding is also maintenance free!

Go Quirky

If a natural wood look just isn’t for you and you’re after something colourful and unique, you do have the option to paint the outside of your building yourself. A water-based substance will not damage the protective properties in the wood.


Want to discuss our cladding options further? Get in touch.