The Garden Office for Business

Starting a Business from Home

The Garden Office garden rooms can be used for many different purposes. From art studios to garden gyms, the possibilities are endless. The question is, have you considered starting a business from home? There are many reasons for starting a business from home. From being eco-friendlier to having fewer overheads! A garden office is the ultimate investment when starting a small business from home.

How to Start a Home-Based Business

Chances are you’ve already planned what sort of home business you’ll be starting. With more people than ever venturing into the world of home businesses, your business should be something that you are incredibly passionate about. While starting your own business can be time-consuming and tedious at times, it is a worthwhile venture for the gratification that will come once you’re running a successful home business.

The first thing you need to do is start a business plan. Your business plan will give you a clear objective for your business and what you plan on accomplishing over a certain time period as well as plan your finances. You need to have a clear overview of your business and your customers so you can establish how you want to drive your business. Another important element to consider is where you will base your business. Instead of cramming your business into a spare room in the house, a garden office offers the ultimate solution. Not only can you build your garden office to the exact measurements you will need for your business but you are separating your work and home life, which is vital for balance. After all the fun that building and decorating your new office, don’t forget all the other boring, yet important things such as setting up insurance for your business and registering your home business.

Home office desk with a laptop and camera lenses

Why Work from Home

How much time have you got, because the reasons why working from home is a great option for most people are countless. Let’s start with an obvious one, no commuting. On average, Britons spend around an hour commuting to work and back daily. With an office which you can work from just at the bottom of your garden, wave goodbye to long, overcrowded, stress-inducing traffic commutes. Working from home also means that you will drastically reduce your carbon footprint . You will be reducing the number of harmful gasses, such as CO2, which are emitted from travelling with a motor vehicle.

Working from a garden office instead of from a spare room in your home will ensure a healthy balance between work and home life. You will have the opportunity to stick to a work schedule that won’t take you away from spending valuable time with your family in the evenings. While you may be tempted to work later due to the fact you won’t be commuting anymore, make sure you are strict with yourself and your schedule. Working from home also means no more dress codes! We still see the importance of wearing clothes instead of your pyjamas to work but keep it comfortable. Comfy clothes mean comfort and when we’re comfortable we are more inclined to keep working. You decide on the dress code of the day!

How to Work from Home Efficiently

While there are many benefits to working from home, there are also factors to take into consideration which may distract you from work. Working from a garden office and being so close to home and mean you will have to be strict with yourself. Adhere to a schedule which works for you, for instance, working 9 to 5 with half an hour for lunch. Make sure you stick to your schedule daily or risk getting sucked into a dawdling mindset. Netflix can be very distracting if you have to walk past the TV every morning to go to your garden office. Willpower is key when working from home.

Working remotely from your garden office, loneliness and lack of office energy can seem like a disadvantage, to begin with. If you’re starting to get cabin fever or feel isolated, why not take yourself to your local coffee shop and work from there for a few hours? Some human interaction is vital for your mental health but we’re sure you’ll be dying to work from your garden office after a couple of hours.

Lady walking into her garden office

While we could go on and on about the benefits of working from home, working to your schedule and finally being able to balance your work and home life, we’ll leave it at that for now. If we have inspired you to finally take the leap into starting your own business and you feel a garden office would be right for you then get in touch with us below to find out how The Garden office can help! Alternatively, you can request a garden office brochure and browse our range from the comfort of home. The Garden Office also has two showrooms which you can visit to get a real feel for what our products have to offer. Visiting our showrooms also gives you the opportunity to chat with a knowledgeable member of The Garden Office team.