What is a Garden Office?

Garden buildings have grown more and more popular in recent years – as an easy, cost-effective and quality way to add extra space at home. Even with this increased popularity, garden buildings and garden offices are still an emerging market, so let’s look at; what is a garden office?

What is a garden office?

A garden office is a stand-alone building in your garden. As a great alternative to traditional home extension/improvement methods, these buildings are modern and unique.

Garden offices are also designed for quality and built for year-round use. The buildings are constructed using premium materials, complex insulation layers and finished with a blend of natural and composite elements.

Garden offices generally don’t require planning permission as they fall within your permitted development rights. These buildings are classed as ‘outbuildings’ due to their design and construction, making them a hassle-free way to make extra space at home.

Why are these buildings called garden offices?

Our garden offices are more than what their name suggests. Our buildings are a quality designed extra room home extension that is detached from your home. These buildings can become anything you need them to be! More then just an office – your building could become your art studio, garden cinema, home gym and much more… 


The Garden Office has 4 different building designs to choose from, all built to the same high quality. Each design is available in over 70 size configurations, ranging from small office pods to large garden offices – from 4 square metres to 30 square metres. 

You can make the most of your garden office building by using the space for many purposes. An office/gym or office/spare room is easily achieved! Find out more about our tips on creating a multifunctional garden office…

garden pod tucked away in the garden

10-Year Guarantee 

A building from The Garden Office comes complete with a 10-year guarantee for quality. 

Insulated for Year-Round-Use

Our garden rooms are fully insulated for year-round use. We use premium insulation materials in our walls, roof and floor. These insulation materials have been carefully crafted to be breathable, keeping the safe healthy and damp free. 

What is a garden office used for?

A Garden Office is more than what the name describes. A garden office is a garden building that can be used for any purpose, all-year-round. 

Being detached from your home, a garden office building is a perfect space for total private and focus – making it a great choice for a home office.  

Garden buildings are the perfect blank canvas for any use. Home gym, cinema room, spare room, art studio and much more… 

for work

A garden office is a professional workspace that gives you space to focus in privacy. Having your office detached from your home means that you can leave the office behind you at the end of the day and enjoy your home time free of work stresses. Work-life balance is so important, and no doubt the rest of your household will also feel the benefit of you keeping your work and home life separate. 

for leisure

Your garden building can become your space for entertainment and leisure. Whatever room you imagine you would love to have in your house but don’t have space for, a garden building can be your solution. An example is a garden gym – garden buildings kitted out for this purpose are a great way to focus on your fitness goals without prying eyes, as well as being a healthy space to work out in that is also secure. 

What are garden offices a great alternative for?

A garden office building is a home extension and home improvement solution.  

Traditional methods of making extra space at home include brick built extensions, loft conversions and conservatories. 

Benefits of a garden office over other home extension methods:
  • Modern and cost-effective in comparison
  • Unique and modern construction
  • Planning permission is rarely required
  • Building control sign off is not required
  • Installation takes only between 1-5 days
  • Prices are fully inclusive and transparent with no hidden costs
  • Cost-effective by comparison
  • Great value for money
Good to know…

Some of our customers have found that having a quality built garden office from a reputable company has helped with the resale value of their homes. 

Do I need planning permission for a garden office?

Planning permission is generally not required! Garden office buildings are classed as ‘outbuildings’ which fall within your permitted development rights.

During your free design consultation, we can help determine whether your home has permitted development rights. 

If for any reason we think you would require planning permission, we would take care of the process for you – giving you one less thing to deal with.

What’s the difference between a garden office and a shed?

Garden office buildings are often referred to as a ‘posh shed’, however their construction methods and materials are completely different. 

A garden office is more similar in build to a room in your house than a shed. The walls, roof and floors have thick layers of breathable insulation, ensuring that the space is comfortable and dry no matter what season. Typical garden sheds, even when they have been retrofitted with insulation, tend to be damp and an unbreathable, unhealthy space to be occupied by a person. 

The roof of our garden buildings is a strong epoxy resin coated steel, sandwiching thick polyurethane insulation. These roofs are incredibly strong and completely maintenance-free, unlike traditional felt garden shed roofs. 

In fact, our buildings are maintenance-free throughout as standard. Even the external wooden-clad elements are pressured treated and slow grown for strength and do not require any additional treatment for structural integrity. You can treat the wood to preserve its colour should you wish to.

The doors and windows of our garden buildings are uPVC and double glazed using Pilkington K optiwhite double glazing, argon filled with a swisspacer and trickle vents. 

Only quality materials and building construction methods are used to create our garden office buildings making them feel like a home away from home, backed up with our comprehensive 10-year guarantee.

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