What Is Included As Standard In A Garden Office?

Unlike most companies, we provide everything that we believe is essential to getting your garden office up and running.

Why Build A Garden Office?

Garden offices are a new ground-breaking addition in the world of home expansion and design. A garden office does not strictly need to be used for office space.

Our garden office products have a variety of uses. From home gyms, to sewing studios, therapy rooms and much more. Home extensions are a costly, as well as extremely intrusive process. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective, simpler solution – we have you covered!

Our products are available in various sizes and models in order to suit a wide range of homes and preferences. Whether you want to stick to traditional, or you’re after something more sleek and modernised, we have a product suited to everyone.

tgo3 with shut blinds

What Is Included With My Garden Office?

We like to make our customers life easier. Which is why we provide all customers with everything they need to get their building started in the quoted price. Included with your product will be a 2.3 French or sliding door set, with an opening lozenge window. Not only this, we also have a choice of 4 flooring options included. As well as 3 double plug sockets, your choice of internal lighting, an external light, a fuse box and finally an oil-filled radiator.

Our buildings also all include insulation in the pricing. This is to ensure that our products are all suited for year-round use, even in the coldest winter months. Our garden offices are constructed out of high-quality, durable materials to function just as a normal room in your home would.

Enquire About A Garden Office Today

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