What Is Involved In The Process Of Garden Offices?

Considering and planning your garden office is an exciting feeling. We aim to make the process as stress-free and simple for our customers as possible, yet ensuring they receive a product that is high-quality and suited to them.

The Process Of A Garden Room

If you are new here, the best way to start off your journey with the garden office is by requesting our free brochure. Our brochure includes everything that you would need to know to get you started. From our extensive design options, to exterior finishes and optional extras, you are guaranteed to design your perfect outdoor garden space before even placing your order.

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Not only this but our brochure also includes our pricing grid. We base our measurement prices on the internal footprint of your building so that you pay for the exact space that you’re buying. Additionally to your brochure, you can also book in for a complimentary site survey. A site survey is a quick process in which members of our survey team will come to visit you at your home. During this time they will assess your garden space and advise you on options for your building. As well as this, samples of the building will be presented to you, and our team will help you design your perfect building based on your preferences. Completely complimentary, this is worth booking in, as it not only simplifies the process, but also speeds it up.

Visit Our Showroom

Why would you not want to try before you buy? Our garden room showroom is the largest in the UK of its kind! Showcasing over 17 fully furnished beautiful garden rooms. You can take a look round our extension range of varying products in order to get a feel for what best suits you, and also discover the versatility of our garden offices. Our garden offices have endless uses, home gyms, office space, artist studio or even a playroom! The options are endless! You can find us at Westcott Venture Park.

Once you have had the design process of your building completed, and your site survey has been completed, you are ready to order!

Make An Enquiry Today

Kick off the designing process of your garden office today! You can request our brochure here, and at the same time request your free site survey!

For more information on our products, feel free to have a browse around our website.