Why You Need a Home Gym in 2020

A Gym in Your Garden

Without a doubt, we’ve all been slightly over-indulgent with the lead up to Christmas, most certainly feasted on Christmas day and haven’t been able to resist the Christmas leftovers since. New years always gives us the opportunity for a fresh start and with the start of a new decade, it’s time to take your health and fitness seriously, for good! A garden home gym is the ultimate fitness kick and the perfect opportunity to make your health and fitness a lifestyle priority and not just a fad.

Save Time and Money

On average , 23% of Britons pay for a gym membership which costs, on average, around £40 per month. According to studies, only 12% of those visits the gym regularly. That means that over £369 million is wasted monthly on unused gym memberships.

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Investing in a garden gym will not only save you the money you’d waste on a monthly gym membership that you never use but will also help with your motivation. With your gym in the comfort of your garden, the incentive to exercise will increase. Not only will you be saving money on wasted gym memberships but you will also be saving commuting to and from the gym. With the average gym commute being 8 miles there and back, that is a huge chunk of time out of your day spent either in the car, on a bike or public transport. The distance your gym is from home plays a massive part in how often you attend the gym. Imagine the ease and convenience of a 30-second walk to your gym.

Is there anything worse than having to wait for gym equipment? There is nothing worse than an overcrowded gym. And what makes it worse is then having to wipe down a stranger’s sweat from the machine. Not only is this a nuisance but can also stifle your motivation and determination. All this is a thing of the past with a personal garden gym.

7.5m by 4m home gym

Avoid the Fear

It’s a known fact that a large majority of us despise going to the gym because we feel embarrassed exercising in front of others. Is everyone looking at me? Am I being judged? Are they laughing at me? A study showed that 65% of women avoid the gym for fear of judgement. Social anxiety is a huge factor behind why many of us avoid the gym which is easily altered with the investment of a garden gym. Exercise in your own time and to your own pace without the fear of being judged. Take your time getting used to complicated gym equipment and learn how to use them properly and safely without feeling pressured to rush. It is also important to invest in gym equipment that will work for you, instead of feeling intimidated to use equipment that won’t benefit your needs.

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A New Business Venture

If you’re a veteran gym-goer who wants to turn your passion into opportunity, why not consider investing in a garden gym which you can use to start personal training services? This is an excellent way to increase your return on investment. The appeal of a home gym is also extremely high for potential clients. Knowing that they can be trained in the privacy of a garden gym, instead of under the glaring eyes of a public gym will draw clients in.

7m by 3.5m home pilates studio

A home gym is an excellent way to stick to your health and fitness resolution. If you feel inspired, why not request your free The Garden Office brochure where you’ll be able to browse the details on our buildings in the comfort of your own home. Already have a brochure? Get in touch with us via the form below to find out how you can start your fitness journey and make it a lifestyle!