Working from Home in 2022

Working from home in 2022

The future of the workplace is changing. 

Working from home in 2022 looks set to be the norm for many people across the UK. The way we work has been forever changed by Covid-19. For the first time in many of our working careers, working from home became the new normal. Those of us who hadn’t done it before had a lot of challenges to overcome and forged ways to adapt just to get by.

But now, it looks like working from home in 2022 will be the new normal. It’s time to stop just ‘getting by’ and settle in for the long haul.

At The Garden Office we’ve been advocates for working from home since 2006 when our company first began. In that time we’ve learnt a lot about how to do it right.

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Our Recommendations for Working from Home in 2022:

Make Space

No more lounging on the living room sofa, or hunching over the dining room table. It’s time to make space to properly focus on your work. Having a study or home office has been a lockdown saviour for people all over the UK. However, many people simply don’t have space at home for an office – or their home dynamic doesn’t allow for a professional work environment (kids screaming and washing machines rumbling are the worst!) If you don’t have space in your home for an office, have you considered looking outside? A garden office could be the perfect solution for you…

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Time to Invest

It looks like the way we work is set to change forever, so it’s time to invest in some proper equipment to work from home. One key investment is in proper office furniture. Bare in mind that office furniture isn’t what it used to be. Long gone are the oppressively large leather chairs and clunky desks – nowadays there are ranges of professional office furniture that suit your style, budget and requirements. 

Another investment that many people are taking is in home improvements to make working from home more viable. One of the most popular home improvements is the addition of a garden office. 

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Decorate to Inspire

Your workspace should inspire you to focus, helping keep you motivated for a satisfying day of work. Being distracted only makes your day longer and workload larger. Having a workspace that’s completely your own and decorating it to encourage you to focus is a great way to succeed at working from home. After all, a dark and dingy corner of a spare room, or being perched at the dining table is unlikely to inspire your best work. Plants are a great way to soften a room whilst helping with oxygen during the day. Having pictures in your workspace gives you something else to focus on when your eyes need a screen break.

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Get the proper Lighting and Ventilation

Having the proper lighting and ventilation in your home office is the best way to avoid migraines and headaches. It is important to be able to control the light levels in your office, especially during the darker winter months. Slatted window blinds are a great option for natural light control, as well as table lamps and directional spotlights when daylight isn’t enough. 

Being sat near a window will help keep the room fresh and stop your mind from getting foggy. 

Health and Safety is Important

If working from home is part of your new normal working life there’s no excuse to not be working safely. Having the proper chair set up at the right kind of desk with the proper height of screen with the correct lighting – all still applies at home as much as it does at the office. Check out what you can do to work safely with display screen equipment… 

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Set Expectations with your Household

One of the biggest drawbacks of working from home is the effect it has on your family relationships and your work-life balance. Whilst everyone did so well adjusting to ‘pull together’ and ‘get by’ whilst it was a temporary thing, now that it is looking more like the future it’s probably time to get your work-life balance in order. Discuss your work schedule with your family so they know when they can laugh and play, even boil the kettle, without disturbing something important. Try to keep your work isolated to ‘an office’ in the house and don’t spread it about all over the place, this makes it impossible to get away from work and focus just on being at home with your family.

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Garden Offices as a solution:


Dedicated space to focus:

Our garden buildings by their design need to be completely detached from the main house. Being detached means you are completely removed from the distractions of home, creating a more professional office space and working environment. 


Work-life balance restored:

By being detached from your home also means that you can walk away from the office at the end of the day. By physically leaving it behind helps to mentally leave it behind too – removing the temptations to open your laptop again after dinner. Try to be present with your family when you’re at home, you all deserve it!


Futureproof investment to your home:

A garden office building from The Garden Office is a quality home improvement investment that can increase your property value. What’s more, our buildings come with a 10-year guarantee and are designed for a 30-year life. 

Rather than using up space in your home, adding useable living space in the garden means the dynamic of your house stays as it is – keeping work and home separate. All of our garden offices are fully insulated, making them comfortable to use all-year-round.

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If in the future you no longer need your office then our buildings make for the perfect spare room, gym or man cave!

Interesting in finding out more about garden offices?

Get set for working from home in 2021 with the help of a garden office. Speak to a member of our Sales & Design team today who will help create your perfect home office garden building: