Case Study | Lesley Singleton | Therapy Room

Why Are Garden Rooms a Better Option than Home Extensions?

A garden room offers a cheaper, more convenient alternative to home extensions. For this reason, many of our customers turn to The Garden Office where we offer the ultimate solution to your lack of space.

Lesley’s Experience

After 24 years in a teaching career, Lesley was after a space to start her therapy business. Lesley visited multiple garden centres which offered various garden room alternatives but finally decided that The Garden Office were the company which would offer her exactly what she was after.

“… I found your details online and promptly sent away for further info. I was blown away by what I received. The brochure had me hooked with gorgeous images of your wonderful garden rooms. After a year and a half of using it as a coffee table book, pulling it out every now and again my circumstances changed and I applied to take it to the next step and organise a home visit.”

As Lesley lives further away from our showroom, she was not able to visit, however, was pleased to find all of our promotional material and website perfect for her needs.

Section of exterior TGO1 with 2.3m door set to the right and curtains

Lesley recalls how smooth the process was from start to finish.

“… the whole process was flawless. Once the deposit was down I couldn’t believe how everything flowed. From the base being laid to my dream being realised it was incredible.
I can’t thank the team enough. It means so much to me to be able to share this wonderful space with everyone.”

The base of our garden rooms normally takes between half a day to 1 day to install. The building itself will usually be constructed the following week where we allocate between 1 to 5 days depending on the size.

“Once the base arrived the whole thing was complete within a matter of days. Your whole team from start to finish we’re a credit to the company.”

We take great pride in offering a product and service for our customers, which is second to none.

“I can now use my tranquil space on a daily basis. Working from home is a dream. Thank you so much – I don’t think you realise just how much this means to me.”

Exterior TGO1 with 2.3m door set to the right

The Details

  • TGO1 | 5m x 3m
  • Graphite fascia and flashing
  • 2.3m door set
  • Redwood cladding
  • Composite decking

To see more of Lesley’s lovely therapy room and more of our buildings and their uses, visit our ideas gallery page.