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Garden Office with Side Canopy

The Garden Office is pleased to announce a new upgrade option for customers! We have just launched a new side canopy overhang, available on the TGO1 building from The Garden Office or the Expression design from our other brand Green Retreats.

garden office with hot tub

The side overhang is a stylish and versatile addition to your garden office, helping you to make the most of your adjacent garden. The canopy is enclosed at the back with a solid roof offering both shelter and privacy – a great alternative to a pergola or gazebo!

Important info:
  • The canopy is available on new installations only and cannot be fitted retrospectively.
  • This optional upgrade cannot be attached to buildings with a depth greater than 4m.
  • The TGO1 and Expression buildings are currently our only designs that have the canopy as an optional upgrade option.
  • It is important to note that the total footprint of your building cannot exceed 30 square metres, including the canopy overhang.

Exclusively Available to New Installations of the TGO1 or Expression

Our new side canopy optional upgrade is currently only available on the TGO1 building from The Garden Office or the Expression from our brand Green Retreats. This option is available on new installations only, changeable until 6 weeks before your installation date.

hot tub canopy

Ideas on how to use your canopy

  • Pergola or Gazebo Alternative

Make the most of your available garden and the adjacent space next to your garden room by creating an outdoor sheltered area, a great alternative to a pergola or gazebo.

  • Hot Tub Shelter

Create privacy and shelter around your hot tub with a garden room canopy, letting you move from one space to the other with as much cover as possible.

  • Al-fresco Dining

A canopy is a great sheltered and shaded space for outdoor dining which is always ready to use.

  • Summer Shade

A shaded outdoor area lets you enjoy the warmer weather in a healthy and comfortable way.

  • Patio Area

A patio area is the best way to enjoy outdoor living and using your garden space. Completely versatile for lounging, dining and entertaining with the added benefit or shade and shelter.

Canopy Sizes

The new canopy option is available in widths from 1.5m – 4m and depths complimenting the size of your garden building up to 4m.

The canopy is currently not available on the 4.5m or 5m deep garden building designs.

The total footprint of your garden building needs to stay within 30 square metres, including your canopy.

Design yours now on our 3d Configurator

Visit our 3d configurator to start designing your perfect garden building today.

The full range of options can be placed on your building with a running total cost as you go through, with no hidden costs.

If you are interested in the canopy option on your building make sure to choose the TGO1 design as this is the only building the canopy is available on at the moment.

Visit the Showroom

We have two showrooms for you to see the quality of our garden buildings for yourself. Our flagship showroom is in Westcott Buckinghamshire and our hub showroom is in Twickenham London.

Our Buckinghamshire showroom has our canopy option installed as a hot tub canopy, complete with a hot tub underneath. We also have all 17 garden building designs on display here in a range of sizes. Our flagship showroom is a great way to start your garden room project.

Expression Canopy at Showroom

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Find out more about our canopy option and start your garden building project today! Contact a member of our friendly and professional team who will be glad to help.