Green Retreats and The Garden Office

If you’ve been exploring your options for garden office companies, chances are you have come across two of our brands; Green Retreats and The Garden Office.

We are the same company! Same quality materials, same people, same showrooms, same ethos, same service – just slightly different designs and different websites!

garden office showroom

Green Retreats and The Garden Office.

The same building quality and materials, similar building designs but with a slightly different look.

The Garden Office and Green Retreats are part of the same company! Our buildings, materials, staff and ethos are all the same!

In 2006 we originally split out the building designs into two brands, Green Retreats and The Garden Office, because at the time we felt that they were very different. Fast forward to today and there is very little difference at all! This is why we are gradually bringing all of our building designs under one brand name, giving our customers more choice in a simpler way. Please bear with us, this takes some time!

Shared features:
  • The Garden Office is built slightly differently inside the wall cavities to allow for the option of a corner/wrap-around window. 
  • The Garden Office has a slightly higher starting price because of the already included extra side window and composite decking.
  • Green Retreats uses predominantly natural materials with the option to upgrade to composite or black highlights
  • The Garden Office buildings come with black or graphite highlights as standard.

Green Retreats: Focus on natural materials with a classic style.
Unique feature: Predominantly natural materials on the outside as standard.

natural woods

The Garden Office: Highlights of composite materials in graphite or black for a contemporary style.
Unique feature: Wrap around window option included as standard.

composite materials and wrap around window
corner window option
ABOVE: Corner Window Option - Exclusive to all The Garden Office buildings

Why is the brand called The Garden Office?

It is important to note that a building design from The Garden Office range can be used for absolutely any purpose whatsoever – exactly the same as the Green Retreats ranges. A gym, art studio, man cave, cinema, playroom – whatever you’d like!

The name The Garden Office originally came about as a way for people to find our range of buildings as a solution to the first ‘work from home‘ surge in 2006. This is the way marketing worked at the time and it made sense!

And now, these two brands (Green Retreats and The Garden Office) are essentially different designs of the same thing – a quality garden room building that is a cost-effective and flexible home extension method that can be used for any purpose.

Like the TGO1 design from The Garden Office?
the garden office vs green retreats
Then you might like the Expression by Green Retreats!
green retreats vs the garden office

See the similarities with the hooded roof? We like to think of these two designs being more like your traditional log cabin aesthetic, kept classic with natural woods and structural side cheeks (Expression by Green Retreats) or made contemporary with accents of graphite or black with a sleek front (TGO1, The Garden Office).

Like the TGO2 design from The Garden Office?
tgo2 from The Garden Office
Then you might like the Inspiration by Green Retreats!
Inspiration by Green Retreats

Compact and industrial in design, these two designs from our buildings are so similar with subtle differences in the materials and structure.
The Inspiration by Green Retreats has a full front frame styled in natural materials as standard. The TGO2 from The Garden Office has a 3/4 front frame that leaves one side exposed, perfect for the corner/wrap-around window option which is also included as standard.

Fun Fact: These designs are so similar that sometimes only our own team members can tell the difference! You can add an extra frame cheek to the TGO2, or add graphite or black highlight to the Inspiration and the buildings will look almost completely identical!

Like the TGO3 design from The Garden Office?
tgo3 by the garden office
Then you might like the Edge by Green Retreats!
edge by green retreats

Both the Edge from Green Retreats and the TGO3 from The Garden Office have sharp squared lines with deep front frames.
The Edge from Green Retreats has a front frame that surrounds the entire frontage of the building, creating an enclosed feature. The TGO3 design from The Garden Office is similar again but with one side missing to allow for a corner/wrap-around window.

Like the TGO4 design from The Garden Office?
tgo4 by the garden office
Then you might like the Pinnacle by Green Retreats!
the pinnacle by green retreats

These two designs are completely different from anything else in their ranges, and to each other!
If you are looking for a design that stands out as being something unique then one of these two designs will be perfect for you.

The TGO4 by The Garden Office has a unique curved corner which creates a stunning yet soft feature on the building.

The Pinnacle from Green Retreats is a sharp and angular design that is a complete contrast to the TGO4. The triangular-shaped sides create a forward learning aspect to the front, making for an architecturally stunning feature from all angles.

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