5 Reasons to Buy a Garden Room

5 Reasons to Buy a Garden Room

While owning a garden room can seem like a huge cost, the benefits of having one are priceless. We could name 50 reasons why you should own a garden room but we’re going to narrow it down to the top 5 invaluable reasons you need one.


In a time where properties are being built ever smaller, a separate space which you and the family can escape to, away from home is a valuable commodity. The space can be used multi-functionally for the whole family. Give the kids a private, quiet space to do their homework or study for exams in or a space to go to with their friends and make as much noise as they want, while not disturbing the rest of the family. Turn the space into a home cinema for the whole family to enjoy or a grownup retreat for the adults to enjoy. The use of partition walls can also create multiple rooms within your garden room. Two for the price of one!

Exterior of a TGO1 from a higher angle and french doors open

Separate Work and Life

A home office has never sounded so appealing. The benefits of working from home and specifically a garden room are immeasurable. Not only does working from your garden office totally cut out the need to commute but you’ll also be doing wonders for the environment. Working from home cuts down your carbon footprint and energy consumption. Giving yourself a space to work from home which is away from your actual home is essential when running a home business. Fewer distractions mean more productivity and in turn, more time with the family as you’ll be able to get work done more easily.

A Space to Entertain

If you’re someone who loves to entertain but don’t have space for it then this is the ultimate solution for you. Whether it’s a home cinema, which we mentioned before or a man cave with all the trimmings. Take a leaf out of this customers book and have a custom-made bar built with your name on it. There’s never been a better place to watch the football than your very own garden office.

Interior of man cave

Add Character and Value to Your Property

A shed at the bottom of the garden is all well and good but doesn’t add much to the value of your property or the aesthetics of your garden. Imagine a stunning garden room, crafted with the finest materials, creating a modern sculpture-like element to your home, sitting proudly at the bottom of your garden. It’s a well-known fact that garden rooms can add significant value to your property. A garden room will increase interest from future buyers if you ever decide to sell.

No Need for Planning Permission

A common misconception often is that to build a garden room, you will need planning permission. Most homes will have permitted development rights, which allows for minor development without the need for full planning. It’s always good practice to check before you make any major steps. If you have full development rights, you’ll be able to use your garden room for a multitude of different purposes, including a home gym, office art studio etc. You will not, however, be able to use your garden room as permanent accommodation. If you do require planning permission, The Garden office are on hand to help through the process.

Start Planning

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