Home Garden Office for Printing Tech Company MD

Project Overview

Home Office, TGO1

Our customer Richard is the managing director of Khaos Technology, specialists in the research and development of future printing technologies. Richard required a solution to the ever-evolving global pandemic and new lockdown nation. A home garden office was the best option for Richard.

Garden Office
Building Name:
The Garden Office
4.5M X 3M
Starting From:
Leeds Garden

With the company head office in Cincinnati, Ohio – frequent pond hopping trips between the US and UK were commonplace. Exhibitions would take Richard to all corners of the world, and international trade was booming. After spending many years working from his dining room and with the onset of Covid-19, Richard was faced with a dilemma. How was he going to make his business thrive under the new normal?

Richard found that over the years, the walls were starting to close in on him at his home dining room office, and more space was required. With a business mentality, Richard understood that renting office space was not a financially viable option; neither was a loft conversion. With a workable space of 5m x 4m in his garden, the decision was clear, a home garden office it was! 

“A loft conversation would be a real luxury, but the expense for the full works would have amounted to between £40-60k and not so easy to persuade HMRC that the room would be for the sole use of the business.”


“As the lockdown started, I spent just two evenings deciding on how to proceed. I sat in bed thinking about the best way to tackle the inability to travel, how could we hold client seminars, create virtual trade shows that will allow us to present new technology concepts and expand our business interests. In short, how can we thrive in a lockdown scenario? It was clear, whatever I wanted to do, I could no longer do it from the dining room!”

It was clear to Richard that the dining room was no longer the environment to progress his business in these uncertain times. Richard now required a professional environment to hold client seminars, create virtual trade shows to present new technology concepts and expand his business interests.

After a quick search on the internet, Richard discovered The Garden Office and after some research decided that a home garden office was for him.

“High craftsmanship, British innovation, renewal energy farm, recyclability etc. All the boxes were ticked.” 

Exterior of home garden office
Home garden office


A neutral palette was vital in picking the design of Ricahrds studio. Working in the printing industry and dealing with colour daily, Richard required a space to contrast that. The modular features of the TGO1 were what drew Richard to the design, as well as the striking use of anthracite metals, composite decking and the wooden facade. Richard opted for a 4.5m x 3m garden office with an abundance of natural light due to his door and window options and building orientation. 

“With various options to choose from, there is a style for everyone’s tastes.”

Home garden office with desks and computers
Exterior of home garden office


The addition of Richards garden office, which he calls Khaos Studios, has allowed him to have his own office space without the embarrassment of boxes stacked floor to ceiling due to lack of space in his home. Now Richard (and his colleague Otis the Jack Russell) is not only able to expand his working space, but create a Covid secure office, while still feeling like he is leaving the house and going to work.

Exterior of home garden office
Interior of home garden office with a grey sofa and a jack russell