3 Use Office Combo

Working from home is a luxury not everyone has the freedom to do. However, it can sometimes seem like you can’t escape it; from phone calls, emails and paperwork. This is the exact position our customer was in. They were searching for a space to retreat to, somewhere where they could be free from disturbance. Ideally, they were looking for an all in one – a gym, office and a chill out room.

The Solution

The Garden Office provide a wonderful solution for those who wish to be separate from the house but not completely isolated. The garden rooms can be used for all-year round as they are fully insulated and set with double glazed doors and windows. With fully wired electrics, our customers were able to furnish the room with a TV for the chill out area and a printer for the office section. The sliding doors and windows allow for a natural flow of light and ventilation, perfect for when you need some fresh air after working out.

Our customers now get to leave work behind closed doors as they enjoy using their new garden room.

garden office in large garden

interior garden gym










garden room and office7-5mx4m-garden-office



Build Time

5 days

Building Details

  • 7.5m x 4m TGO1
  • 2.8m sliding doors
  • x2 Full height window
  • x3 Square window
  • Picture window
  • Plastering pack
  • x2 Track lights
  • Hood lights
  • Double outside socket


garden room configurator