Your Perfect Office Solution with The Garden Office

Working from home is a luxury many enjoy; however, it can be difficult when there is limited space in the house, and with work being in constant arms reach, motivation starts to deteriorate. Your work environment effects your lifestyle, and there has to be a balance between work and personal life.


At the Garden Office, not only do we love photographing customers new garden offices, but we love hearing garden room stories! We visited a customer who recently had a garden office installed and we asked what they use if for:

“Since I work from home the majority of the time, I really needed to have an office outside of the main house and now that we have moved and have the space I could do it, it’s only taken me 10 years to get an office. Now that I have a proper office it means I can close the door at the end of the day and forget about work, whereas before I could see my desk and computer all the time and the work just sitting there waiting to be done. Half the room is my office area and the other half has been given over to the dogs. We have a sofa which Duke (the Lab) and Jackson our other dog use to sleep on or just to watch the birds and squirrels running around in the garden. Whenever I am in the office the boys will almost definitely be with me.”



This 5m x 3m TGO1 is fitted with a 2.8m sliding doors, making for easy access and allowing a flow of natural light and air to fill the office. The 1m full height corner window creates the signature Garden Office look, creating a unique and beautiful feature in the garden.

Design Your Own

Start designing your own garden room on our online configurator. With three different garden offices to choose from there is a style for everyone! Our garden rooms start from £10,495 including base, installation and VAT. | 01296 328555


dog in garden room